Transeuropa - Call for entries

Hildesheim, Germany
Event dates: 24 June – 2 July 2006

Transeuropa e.V.
transeuropa2006 – 5th European Theatre- and Performance-Festival in Hildesheim

Call for proposals for emerging artists and groups of artists from Europe.

The theme kollektiv! is essential to transeuropa2006. On the one hand this is a response to the working methods and organizational structures of young artists in Europe, and the phenomenon of young theatre groups considering themselves programmatically Collectives.

Collectivity: meaning the examination of group, community and society today. The concept of Collective today can be viewed from different angles – as an artistic,programmatic and political strategy, or unmasked as myth, nostalgia or utopia.

In Hildesheim in 2006 we are seeking the unfinished, the work in progress, the better, the future-focused, the utopian – in CampLand3006.

CampLand3006 – Call for Proposals

We invite individual artists as well as groups for an Artists-in-Residence-Program: CampLand3006 offers the opportunity to pitch camp in Hildesheim for three to five weeks – to work, to research, to discuss, to develop work further, and to present the results in the Festival. CampLand3006 is a place for the artistic examination of utopian spaces, and of individual or collective utopias. transeuropa2006 seeks concepts and project proposals which aim to create temporary and collective spaces in the city of Hildesheim, to occupy those spaces in a utopian way or within those spacto tell stories about fantastic worlds.

5th European Theatre- and Performance-Festival in Hildesheim

The space around the Municipal Theatre (an essential area during the last days of theFestival) is an important locale in Hildesheim. But several places in this little big city could be conquered or occupied in a utopian way. We are interested in all artistic forms from architectural models, theatre, performance, dance, installation,intervention, interaction, lecture, manifests, video, multimedia. We don&8217;t necessarily expect finished artistically products, as the creative process is equally important to us.

CampLand3006 is a space of possibility – we don&8217;t draw the lines, we ask artists to create their own.

Application Materials

  1. Description of the project and its concept. (not more than 3 pages)
  2. Calculation of the costs. We need a rough estimate of the costs for realising your project.
  3. Artistic Materials. Please send your sketches, pictures images, documentation and videos (from past projects), if this material illustrates your ideas.
  4. Timeline. On a single sheet of paper, note your project&8217;s title and timeline, as well as the names, functions, e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, and telephone numbers of everyone involved in your project.

Housing and expenses transeuropa offers travelling costs, food, housing, and artistic materials. Additional payments may be negotiated later, when financial support for the Festival is clearer.

Deadline: 30/11/05 (postmark)


transeuropa e.V.
Betr. CampLand3006 c/o Universität Hildesheim
Marienburger Platz 22
31141 Hildesheim
phone: 0049 (0)5121 883680

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