Tiranabiennale3 Sweet Taboos / (Episodes 5)


The third International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Tirana, building on the success of the previous editions, will open again on September 2005 in Tirana, Albania, a city in a continuos change.

Tirana Biennale3, will be developed in five different environments, each of them representing the historical and contemporary iconography of the city that will host the event.

Sweet Taboos is the title of this third edition that, by exploring the taboos of our contemporary society through artists' works, will reflect upon the meaning and nature of taboos and upon how they can relate and artistically interact within the social and geographic Albanian context.

tiranaThe Biennial will be structured as an art-site, focusing on works' realization processes, to improve the dialogue between artists, visitors and their surroundings. Tirana Biennale3 will be built backwards, during five terms that shall run along 60 days. The shows shall add to each other, in order to complete the whole body of the exhibition with the last event that will constitute at the same time the finisage. The events of Tirana Biennale shall start from September 10, and continue to September 20, September 30, October 10, to finalize on October 22nd, while the show will go on until November 10, 2005.

The result will be a place where art is not simply shown, but produced, where the artists,invited to work on their project in-site, shall become part of the context and its complexities.

The local, artistic and political attention is drawn towards a potential of people and situations, to raise a needed debate on the many taboos that condition our lives. Tirana Biennale3, multilayered structure was designed by the intention to create a lively mechanism based on selected artists willing to commit to a research and to contribute to the Albanian cultural reality and its specificities.

The curators of Tirana Biennale3 are: Zdenka Badovinac (Slovenia), Roberto Pinto (Italy), Joa Ljungberg (Sweden), Hou Hanru (China/ France), Edi Muka and Gezim Qendro (Albania).

From the third edition the Institute of Tirana Biennale develops a new strategical approach thanks to the partnership with goodwill (Bologna, Italy). Goodwill is a consulting company in fundraising and fundraising oriented communication. The partnership aims to develop coordinated communications, new forms of business investement and enterprises' social responsability.
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