The Snow Show 2006

2006 Sestriere, Italy (TO)
Open daily from 10 am to 8 pm
Opening with the artists & architects: Friday, February 3, 2006 from 3:30-5:30 pm

We are pleased to announce a new venue of The Snow Show curated by Lance M. Fung. The upcoming Snow Show will take place in Sestriere, Italy as part of the art and cultural program of the upcoming XX Winter Olympic Games of Torino 2006.

The Snow Show will continue the momentum of collaboration, interweaving the disciplines of art and architecture, and challenging the participants with the medium of snow and ice. The artists and architects will work together to interact with the physical landscape, a cultural environment, ethereal materials, and each other. The resulting works will be unique architectural installations that will encompass more than 100 square meters and reach heights of 6 meters.

Through this interactive exhibition, The Snow Show will introduce the athletic Olympic audience to contemporary art and architecture, illustrating that high culture can be accessible and enjoyable – not only a pursuit for intellectuals and patrons. Conversely, The Snow Show is an exhibition of the highest standard which, aims to create a fresh dialog between the worlds of art and architecture. In its sincerest desire to expose The Snow Show visitors to the world of contemporary culture, entrance to the exhibition will be free to the public.

More than its predecessors, The Snow Show: Lapland 2003 & 2004, the upcoming exhibition looks to further investigate the nature of the material: fluid, always changing, malleable but never under complete control. The ephemerality of the five projects produces a sense of time – every day offers a transitional moment of the projects. And in the end, the works will gradually fade away, continuing their lives through photographs, writings, and in memories.

The Snow Show Participants

Daniel Buren & Patrick Bouchain
Carsten Höller & Williams and Tsien
Yoko Ono & Arata Isozaki
Paola Pivi & Cliostraat
Jaume Plensa & Norman Foster
Kiki Smith & Lebbeus Woods

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