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Alice Society introduces THE ALICE AWARDS, a global initiative, and a year-round effort designed to find the best of contemporary art both in quality and in terms of shaping human experience. Established in 2010, the Alice Awards are presented by the Global Board of Contemporary Art, which includes a 200+ Executive Member body of interdisciplinary experts and intellectuals drawn from across the globe.

Today, most contemporary art awards have significant global aspirations. It appears, however, that the organizers of these awards are not keeping pace with the global expansion in terms of modelling their juries.

Therefore, at Alice Society we make a case to establish a global award system since our contention is that the entire contemporary art spectrum across the globe is the relevant unit of analysis (not just the city, state or nation).

The Alice Awards is an event organized by Alice Society, an international network organization, which reaches more than 90,000 visual art professionals through its Web site and publications Together, its art award program – The Alice Awards – and its global board are set out to promote contemporary art in cooperation with nearly a thousand artists, curators, art writers & critics, international museums, art centers, foundations, galleries, biennials and art journals. Its focused approach and innovative award model guarantee a high degree of attention and responsiveness from the contemporary art community.

The Alice Awards sets itself apart from other awards, not only by opening up the territory of art but also in a host of other features. Perhaps most noteworthy is the interdisciplinary nature of the award that is manifested in the composition of the 200+ Executive Member jury body, which moves away from the ‘curators only’ model. It now includes artists, architects, journalists, musicians, scientists, and writers. By means of this multidisciplinary jury the Alice Awards acknowledges the inter-relationship within contemporary art and its interconnectedness with contemporary culture.

The Alice Awards presents two honours in every category – The Alice Awards and The Public’s Voice Award. Members of the Global Board of Contemporary Art select the nominees for both awards in each category, as well as the winners of the Alice Awards. However, you, the public, determine the winner of The Public’s Voice by voting for the nominated artist that you believe to be the best.

For its inaugural 2011 edition, the Editor-in-Chief and Director of the Awards Program actively solicit nominations from the Executive Member body. Any artist, curator, museum director, gallery director, art writer, publisher, or art editor can make a personal application for the prize before May 1, 2011. Winners will be announced to the World Press on December 1, 2011.


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