Test! 8


The annual student Theatre and Multimedia arts festival TEST takes place again this October. The student organisation “Test – theatre to students” in cooperation with the student Centre in Zagreb created TEST in 2000, the festival is held on the premises of the student Centre. It originally began as a festival of works for Theatre, but by the 5th TEST, Multimedia art was incorporated into the programme. It has shown a number of works by international students, which have enriched the programme. TEST’s goal is to create exchange and interest for students within the region as well as introducing new ideas from international students, with emphasis on the performing arts and Multimedia. TEST hopes to broaden the scope of art by showing the works of student artists from different cultural and artistic backgrounds. TEST is a member of International association of student’s theatres AITU.

Theme and concept of Test! 8:

TEST Open 2007 is an annual juried exhibition of multimedia art and works for theatre. This festival, the eighth TEST, has as its theme ‘Test Forever’. Each selected artist will have his or her work exhibited on the 22nd of November.

The theme looks at the notion of Time in today’s society, it is an ironic play on words that something has such longevity in a society that is so immediate. It is one of the challenges of contemporary art to adopt the notion of Time and the forever, or lasting object. The notion of heritage value is not something considered in the present.

We are interested in art works that deal with the notion of time contextually, the transient or temporal versus the concept of safeguarding the art as a timeless commodity or valued art object. Asking ironically, is art eternal? And how can this be presented as a concept in Theatre or Multimedia artworks.

Conditions for applying:

It is possible to submit plays, performances and other works for the fields of performing arts and multimedia. The submissions are open to student’s not full time or professional artists. The theme of this festival does not limit the type of work that can be submitted, it can be works in process as well as finished works. But the criteria is always the same, that the work be of a good standard and show a dedication to research, creativity, potential, and a distinctive originality of the student artist.

If you want to participate on the festival, you must attach following materials:

  • Fulfilled applications
    • Performing arts (theatre, dance, urban actions, performances, happenings)
    • Multimedia (photography, installation, performances, video art, cyber art, public art, film, video, animation, digital art)
  • Recorded material specify for specific discipline (VHS, CD, DVD)

Festival will take place in Zagreb from 23rd till 26th of January 2008.

Organisers of the festival will cover the costs of accommodation, food, local transport, space-technique conditions needed for performing of the programme, and party Participants will be expected to pay for their own travel to and from the festival.

From our side, how much will be possible, we will try to help participants to ensure financial resources for trip to Zagreb.

The deadline for applications is 30th October 2007.

Test! is not responsible for returning works submitted with application forms – festival has no obligation to cover expenses for transport of artistic work and stage equipment

During the festival we will organise Conference of regional student’s theatre organisations with purpose of establishing regional centre AITU. Detailed information’s about conference and possibility for participation, as well as about workshops during the festival, we will forward to you afterwards.

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