SURVIVAL Art Review 8

8th Edition SURVIVAL Art Review, organised by the ART TRANSPARENT Foundation

The competition for artistic realisations to be presented during the eighth edition of SURVIVAL Art Review is now open.


SURVIVAL 8 will take place in the Strzegomski Bunker, located at the intersection of Strzegomska, Braniborska and Legnicka. The bunker, built in 1942 as one of several air-raid shelters for civilians, is nowadays unavailable to citizens, provoking questions about the relevance of similar buildings in the city development. Holding the Review in such a unique place, which used to be a substitute of a safe refuge in the wartime, prompts artistic references to a whole reservoir of notions connected with the subject of degradation, falling into oblivion, but also transformation, rebuilding and giving hope.

The key phrase of the eighth edition of SURVIVAL is the sub-heading ‘Architecture as a scene of crime’, understood both in its historic sense and from the perspective of all urban and social transformations, the evolution of the city, its tissue and inhabitants.

The subject matter of the works entered for the competition should correspond with the key phrase above or refer to notions such as crisis, absence, emptiness.

SURVIVAL 8 will be an opportunity to exhibit works in an experimental way. After selecting a project, in cooperation between the artist and the curator, a conception of presenting the work will be developed. The organisers reserve the right to present chosen projects only in the form of competition entries, drafts and documentation. In special cases, a full-size production and presentation of a work shall be considered.


  1. Qualification for the Review is two-stage: in stage 1, the applications are evaluated formally; in stage 2, they are assessed on their merits.
  2. The deadline for entering works is 2 April, 2010.
  3. The Entry Form available at should be completed and sent by e-mail to The completed form should be emailed to You should attach a visualisation of the proposed artistic realisation using the photographic materials presented at (jpg, or pdf format, maximum 5mb).
  4. The projects displayed during the Review shall be prepared according to a timetable set by the Organiser.
  5. The projects entered for the competition shall not have been presented before.
  6. The Organiser guarantees partial reimbursement for the costs of making the artistic realisation for the Review, up to a pre-arranged amount, agreed upon by both sides and included in the agreement.
  7. Each author may send maximum three individual projects.
  8. The Organiser provides assistance with the assembly by previous arrangement.
  9. The Organiser provides security on the premises of the Review but does not guarantee full protection and does not insure the works realised during the event.
  10. The Organiser provides (free) accommodation for artists from outside Wrocław for the duration of the assembly by previous arrangement.
  11. The Organiser guarantees post-festival catalogue publication.
  12. In order to take part in the Review it is necessary to read and sign the Review Rules and Regulations.
  13. In order to take part in the Review it is necessary to sign the agreement with the Organiser which specifies the character and dates of making the artistic realisation (the amount of reimbursement for the costs of making the realisation shall be included in the agreement).
  14. In conjunction with the above, the Organiser hereby claims the right to reject projects inconsistent with the principles of the Review and projects whose form and cost is inconsistent with the content of the work entered for the competition


Ofiar Oświęcimskich St. 1/2
50-069 Wrocław

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