Subversive Fair 2009

Which inventions make resistance easier? Which ideas undermine the system? Where are revolutionary forces lurking? What can we do to successfully dissolve hegemonies?

As the first trade fair for counter culture and resistance technology the Subversive Fair presents recent works which constructively undermine hegemonic power structures, and appropriate the production of public space. Subversive highlights from the realms of (political) interventions, (anti)fashion, (an)architecture, performance, artistic provocation, (satiric) art, hacktivism and actions will be presented. The artists will be present and visitors can participate in DIY- workshops, action tours, lectures, product presentations, and film screenings. This enables a direct transfer of knowledge and know-how and pushes the idea of an international, long-term conspiratorial network. The duration (four days), structure, organisation, ambience and setting of the Subversive Fair is modelled on conventional fairs.

The Subversive Fair looks for tools and subversive everyday practices that are produced by an engagement with boarders, migration and exclusion, surveillance, censorship, exclusion from education and health systems, racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, gender issues, homophobia, etc.

With our call for applications we specifically address people from the realms of:

  • Activism/Politix
  • Performance/Show
  • Invisible Theatre
  • Machine/Mixed Media Installation
  • Research/Development
  • Graphic Arts/Sculpturing
  • Social Strategy
  • Hacktivism
  • Industrial Design/Fashion
  • Artivism.

Applications can be made by single persons as well as collectives; It is possible to submit anonymous (under pseudonym).

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