Spatialized Networks And Artistic Mobilization

Spatialized Networks And Artistic Mobilizations: A Critical Workshop On Thought And Practice


In conjunction with the annual research, “Networks/Mobilities,” the Society for the Humanities at Cornell University will be host to an international workshop on “Spatialized Networks and Artistic Mobilizations.” Organized by Timothy Murray, Director of the Society for the Humanities, the Workshop gathers together international figures in the practice and theory of spatial networks and artistic mobility. This is the first of a series of 2009-10 public events on “Networks/Mobilities,” that will foster discussion of the flows of peoples, materials, images, and ideas across physical and virtual boundaries. The Workshop opens, Friday, October, 23, at 1:45 in the A. D. White House.

Friday, October 23, features plenary presentations by architects Teddy Cruz and Keller Easterling who have fostered international reflection on the role of spatial networks, capital systems, and migration patterns in contemporary globalization. Teddy Cruz, speaking at 2pm, teaches in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of San Diego where he mixes practice and teaching on housing design for immigrants in a matrix of communal spaces with foci on suburban San Diego and Hudson, New York. Keller Easterling, speaking at 3pm, teaches in the Architecture Department at Yale University and is Senior Scholar in Residence at the Society for the Humanities. Her research project, “ExtraStateCraft: Hidden Organisations, Spatial Contagions and Activism,” investigates shared protocols, managerial subroutines and financial instruments as they produce and program physical space in the global market. At 4:30, Easterling and Cruz will be joined in conversation with Dagmar Richter, Chair of the Department of Architecture.

Saturday October, 24, will feature a 9:15 panel with the Cornell graduate student HASTAC Fellows, and presentations at 10:00 by Machiko Kusahara, Department of Media Art, Waseda University, Japan; 11:15 Kevin Hamilton, Department of New Media, University of Illinois; 1:45 Geert Lovink, Department of New Media, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 2:45 Paul Vanouse, Department of Art, University of Buffalo; and a 4:00 panel on Thinking Networked Practice with Timothy Murray, Maria Fernandez, Timothy Campbell, Renate Ferro, and Prita Meier, all participants in the Society for the Humanities Fellows Seminar.

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