SMC 2018

SMC 2018


NeMe Arts Centre presents selected installations from the 15th Sound and Music Computing Conference 2018 (SMC2018), 4-7 July:

Watchers, by Daniel Bisig is an interactive multi-channel audio installation that experiments with different compositional approaches of incorporating the loudspeakers’ directionality as central functional and aesthetic element. The directional properties of the custom developed loudspeakers are not only defined by the characteristics of their sound radiation but also integrate a light-based line of sight and orientation sensing mechanism. Thus, the configuration of the installation affects the algorithmic creation of the musical content and therefore the musical content is rendered responsive to the visitors’ physical manipulation of the installation.

Promenade, by Martin Rumori, is a sound environment consisting of multiple tableaus suspended in space. Their arrangement hints at paintings in an art exhibition, each of them is a visually silent canvas. However, the tableaus become auditory images by means of two transducers mounted on one side. When a listeners positions themselves in front of a tableau, soundscape recordings projected by the canvas invite for an immersive listening experience. The entire environment provides a semi-narrative, anecdotal composition that emerges by strolling amongst multiple sound situations distributed in space.

“Watchers” by Daniel Bisig and “Promenade,” by Martin Rumori will be open to the public from 10:30-14:00 & 17:00-19:00, during the Conference.

Entrance is free.This presentation at the NeMe Arts Centre is part of several events premiered during the Conference showcasing several composers who have been invited to create unique works.

Visit the conference website for more information regarding the installations presented in Lanitis Stoa, the concerts at Rialto Theatre, and the speakers’ presentations at the Cyprus University of Technology.

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