SIGNAL & NOISE 2006 - call for submissions

A Celebration of Sonic and Media Inspirations
Celebrating its sixth year, the Signal & Noise Festival will be presenting a rousing program of video, live sound performance, multi-channel electroacoustic compositions, installation and performance. This year&8217;s theme is: Body, Bodier, Bodiest.: Exercises in Physical Potentials.

Signal & Noise 2006 will take place in Spring 2006 at Video In Studios, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

We invite you to submit work based on the following themes:


Demonstrations of astonishing physical & auditory antics, remarkable feats, capers, and daring interventions in public space. Live-action and pre-recorded acts of prowess, skill, dexterity, heroism, virtuosity, daring, cunning, or just plain self-importance for an evening in celebration of the show-off.

Fluids and Functions

Works dealing with the internal and external structure of the human or non-human body. Interpretations of internal and external elements, including body systems, sounds, actions, environment, and metaphysical realms.

The Macabre

Unsettling offerings that affect the body or mind. Recordings, installations, and performances born of the grotesque. Inspired distortions of the natural body into absurdity, ugliness, or caricature. Interdisciplinary work testing the body&8217;s strengths, weaknesses, and physical limitations.


Submitting your work to the festival is a two-part process. In order for us to track your application more easily, we will need you to send in the application form by email and send a hard copy of the application form and all other materials (see below) by snail mail.

Part 1 (email): Use the submission form attached to this call or download the form from the Signal and Noise website at Use a word processor to fill in the form electronically, re-save the file with your name (e.g. Paul Wong.doc), and send it as an email attachment to

Part 2 (snail mail): Print out the completed submission form and mail it to the address below along with the following materials:

  • Preview materials (CD, DVD, VHS, etc.
  • Detailed project description & technical requirements
  • Brief Artist Biography 25-50 words
  • CVs are NOT required


Signal and Noise 2006
1965 Main Street
Vancouver, BC V5T 3C1

DEADLINE: 8th NOV 2005

Submissions must be RECEIVED at our offices by this
date or they will not be adjudicated.

For more info visit

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