Siggraph 2010 - BIOLOGIC

Leonardo and Siggraph are collaborating again in 2010 The 2009 collaboration resulted in the Leonardo Special issue: BIOLOGIC:

For the 2010 collaboration the theme for the Art Show is: TouchPoint: The Haptic Exchange Between Digits:


The SIGGRAPH 2010 juried art exhibition showcases work by artists who physically engage technology in their creative process. Beyond the sense of sight, the exhibition brings together creative works that investigate, celebrate, and critique the polysensory nature of human experience in a digitally enhanced environment.

The exhibition investigates the permeable membrane of the digital interface, where we use an array of tools to materialize and visualize future artifacts of creative expression. Integral to the work is human haptic connection in computer-based artwork, involving the “viewer” and/or the artist through a unique physical interface.

Neural networks extend throughout the human body, connecting our consciousness to the sensory environment. The lightest touch of a fingertip blends the seeming separation between self and other. The memory of such experiences is tacit and stored somewhere between the point of contact and cognizance. Physical memory is a product of our polysensory systems, an integrated and constant mapping of the world through the synthesis of multiple data streams creating tacit knowledge.

By integrating polysensory experiences, a more thorough marriage between internal processing and external experience develops a shared identity with the work – a physical memory of tacit experience – between the maker and the made, between the user and the artifact, between the audience and the bard. The user or viewer or participant becomes an integral part of the manifestation of the artwork. The exhibition becomes an interactive environment where the viewer wonders: “What would it look like if I was driving the train?”

Works exhibited in TouchPoint will be published in a special issue of Leonardo, the Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology. The issue will also include the SIGGRAPH 2010 Art Papers. Publication of this special issue coincides with SIGGRAPH 2010.

Complete information on how to submit art to SIGGRAPH 2010:


There is also a call for art papers: which do not need to be connected to the art show theme.

DEADLINE 7 January 2010

SIGGRAPH 2010, in collaboration with Leonardo/ISAST, honors not only artists and artwork, but also the process of making art and its place in society. We present papers that illuminate and explore how people understand the changing roles of artists and art-making in our increasingly, networked, multi-sensory, online world.

In addition to the core topics of the digital arts and interactive techniques of SIGGRAPH 2010, Art Papers explore the theme of SIGGRAPH 2010’s juried art gallery, TouchPoint: Haptic Exchange Between Digits. Authors present Art Papers in 20-minute sessions with five minutes of Q&A. The papers can be submitted in four categories – Applications, Monograph, Project, or Survey – and will be published in a special issue of Leonardo, The Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology, The issue also includes visual documentation of the works exhibited in TouchPoint: Haptic Exchange Between Digits. Publication of this second special issue coincides with SIGGRAPH 2010.

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