Second Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium

Presented by:
Tsinghua University, CHINA
ZKM | Center for Art and Media Technology, GERMANY
V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, THE NETHERLANDS

China Millennium Museum
May 31 2005 – June 30 2005, BEIJING, CHINA
No.9 Fuxing Road
Haidian District Beijing, China.
post code:100038

In collaboration with:
Ars Electronica Center, AUSTRIA
NOVAMEDIA, Australia’s New Media Arts Agency, Australia
NTT InterCommunication Center, JAPAN
BANFF Center for the Arts, CANADA
Media Center for Art and Design, SPAIN
New York Institute of Technology, USA


With the resounding success of the First Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium in May of 2004, 2005 sees another stellar gathering of the international new media art community in Beijing. Under the auspices of Millennium Dialogue, and hosted by Tsinghua University, China’s leading educational and research university, co-presented by ZKM, Center for Art and Media Technology of Germany and V2_ Institute for Unstable Media of the Netherlands, in collaboration with Ars Electronica Center of Austria, NOVAMEDIA of Australia, NTT InterCommunication Center of Japan, Canada’s Banff, Medi@austria from Austria and New York Institute of Technology of the United States, the Second Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium takes to the Chinese capital a highly charged new media art exhibition revolving on the central theme – IN THE LINE OF FLIGHT.

In the Line of Flight – Transcending Urbanscapes

Chinese modernization is, to much extent, a process of urbanization. Rapid developments in urban areas mark a significant transformation creating fundamental reconfigurations of ethnic demography, city topography, and social processes, as well as cultural and artistic production and reception. Like in many other Asian countries, nascent urban centers in China are increasingly permeated by the latest communication and distribution infrastructures, swiftly becoming global high tech nodes in ways never seen before.

In an ever-expanding technological urban culture cell phones, television, internet, radio, cinema and photography mediate and construct our everyday experiences. They affect the very foundation of social, cultural, economical, scientific and political constructs in contemporary urban life.

At the heart of this transformation lie excitement, anxiety, aspiration, perplexity, hope and desire. Artists both within China and from around the world are exploring this new mediated public domain extensively. By developing new artistic strategies and means of expression, they exploit the specific qualities and potentials of these media. They engage, reflect, and critique the new technological urban settings and raise questions about the contemporary condition engendered by media technologies.

Titled "In the Line of Flight", the Second Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition seeks to explore the multiple emotions and complex feelings toward the phenomenon of this historic challenge in China and to examine the precedents of its global neighbors, by investigating media technologies in the wake of their disruptive and deterritorializing potential.

The International Exhibition comprises works selected by a group of distinguished curators, each giving his/her own insightful approach to the broad thematic structure, rendering a diversity of interpretations and raising issues imminent and critical to the fluctuating social, cultural and economic circumstances of urban life across the world. "In the Line of Flight" presents representative works of telematics, responsive environment, net art, large scale interactive installation, software art, wearable technology, and other new forms.

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