Screengrab 6

\\\ VELOCITY ///

“Change. At speed. Everywhere.”

The 6th Screengrab International Media Arts Award and associated exhibition is looking for challenging creative works by media arts practitioners working in screen based media to submit works on the theme of VELOCITY.

The rushing up of the Earth from below as we leap into the unknown is a strong pervasive force. The comings and goings of objects, the rhizomatic fever of life – of memories and of perception – is the stuff of both nature and the machine but also the stuff of change – of a compelling need to move forward, at pace. Since the millennium we have been moving away in linear time from the trauma of the 20th century, history accumulating behind us as we hurtle towards an undefined future. Yet there also seems to be a reductive velocity at work, the future appears to be expanding only in our mind’s eye – in the stories we tell ourselves, in the frames of the cinematic moment and the pixels of our most fantastic dreaming. If we stand still long enough the hyper-reality becomes apparent. Information is expanding at an exponential rate – images, sound and text – authoring a new present-future space of mobility, of interconnectedness and most of all of rapid accelerating change. Equal parts chaos and perfection – of truth and of fiction – a dark and light exposure.

It is the making of us, this velocity of things. It is both our return to Earth and our mastery of its physics. Our identity and our collective history is fast becoming a vast data repository of machine vision – a rapid prototyping of our future selves. Financial transactions, personal communications, intimate moments exist inside this simulation of machine speed. Artificial intelligence observes, correlates, measures and makes split second decisions on our behalf. Notions of surveillance, fears for our privacy, the dilution of our identity and the voyeuristic connotations of relational databases make up the machine’s vision of us and our world. Can we keep apace of these algorithmic patterns? Can we author new vistas, new dreamscapes, new directions?

Meanwhile, history keeps up a steady persistent pace: the image loops, the cogs turn, the velocity increases, and the hyper-real maintains its seductive play.

The Call Out

SCREENGRAB is now entering its sixth year with an international call out for the AU$10,000 Media Arts Prize and the companion exhibition in September 2014 for short listed applicants.

SCREENGRAB seeks works that explore the theme of VELOCITY – personal, virtual and commercial – and all its private, political and social connotations. Creators, imagineers and explorers of the moving image, of the virtual and the animated, of big data, augmented reality, interactive media, generative art and audio/visual collage are encouraged to submit works that address the theme of VELOCITY.

All forms of screen based media are encouraged including multi-channel video, interactive media, digital illustration, audio sculpture, generative media and 2D & 3D animation.

Existing works (completed post-January 2012) and those specifically designed for the award must address the theme of VELOCITY to be eligible for the AU$10,000 Media Arts award.

  • Prize Money: AU$10,000
  • Exhibition Opening & Award Announcement : September 20 2014

This project is sponsored by Pinnacles Gallery, Townsville City Council and James Cook University’s School of Creative Arts.

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