SCOPE Basel 2008

Basel – SCOPE, the cutting-edge contemporary art fair, returns for the second year to Basel in a new venue, a 60,000 square foot glass pavilion situated on the Rhine. Within walking distance of Art Basel 39, SCOPE will present its most international fair yet, showcasing 85 galleries from all over the world.

SCOPE Basel 2008 exhibitors, special events, and curatorial programs amplify the fair’s signal achievement: introducing artists, curators, and cutting-edge galleries to new audiences internationally, making it the most comprehensive destination for emerging art available anywhere.

With SCOPE Basel 2008, the fair solidifies its position as a leading presenter in the global art world. Currently with fairs in New York, London, Miami, Basel, and the Hamptons, SCOPE is expanding into Spain, China, and the United Arab Emirates, where a cultural world’s fair of art, music, and film has been commissioned.

SCOPE’s latest achievements are complimented by long-term, world-class, exhibition venue commitments. For SCOPE Basel 08, an undeniable tipping point has brought Volta and Balelatina into its orbit, creating a fully-serviced “art district on the Rhine.” SCOPE New York 2008 was held at the culturally iconic Lincoln Center and SCOPE London has proudly made the hallowed Lord’s Cricket Ground its new home.

SCOPE is the brainchild of Alexis Hubshman, who drew upon his experience as an artist and gallerist to start SCOPE in 2002 in a New York hotel. As the first art fair to bring emerging galleries Peres Projects, Daniel Reich, John Connelly Presents, Taxter & Spengemann and Marella to a wider audience, SCOPE has given many now-prominent emerging artists like Assume Astro Vivid Focus, Scissor Sisters and Black Label their first significant international exposure.

The fair has evolved from an industry niche to an influential global contributor, with ongoing events, educational programs, and the SCOPE Foundation 501© 3. With total sales of nearly $100 million, over 250,000 visitors, and wide media attention, SCOPE has helped build a flourishing collector base in the contemporary art market.

At SCOPE Basel 2008, the new pavilion significantly upgrades the exhibition venue, and is serviced by shuttle, water taxi, and pedicab. This year’s edition of the fair builds on SCOPE’s tradition of one-person and thematic group shows, and museum quality programming to create a real-time international survey of emerging art.

SCOPE Special Programs

Museum Presents is a non-commercial 3,500 square foot exhibition space in the SCOPE Basel 2008 pavilion focusing on emerging contemporary art market trends. SCOPE Basel is proud to present By All Means, featuring works from South Asia and its diaspora. This is the SCOPE Foundation’s first curated survey exhibition dedicated to contemporary Indian and South Asian art. The intent of this show is to explore this richly active and highly diversified field of cultural production, which has begun to be recognized as a major contribution to the international art world.

Many of the artists included have substantial exhibition records and are on the brink of larger international recognition. Works included encompass: video, photography, digital media, painting, graphic novels and other expanded media works. While these pieces consider both the history of Indian and South Asia as well as its art, not all of the artists are nationals. Included are the diaspora – those connected, if geographically displaced – in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Furthermore, artists from Pakistan and Bangladesh will provide additional levels of complexity.

Artists included (list pending finalization) Bani Abidi, Sarnath Banerjee, Rohini Devasher, Chitra Ganesh, Sunil Gupta, Yamini Nayar, Ashim Purkayastha, Kiran Subbaiah and Ashok Sukumaran. This project is curated by Thomas Erben, New York.

SCOPE is dedicated to supporting local artists in each city it exhibits. SCOPE Basel 2008 will feature the emerging Swiss curator Reto Thuring presenting four Swiss artists,Valentina Pini, Guadalupe Ruiz, Marc Elsener, and Vincent Kriste. SCOPE president Alexis Hubshman introduces Invisible Heroes, four emerging Swiss artists: Admir Jahic, Pawel Ferus, Comenius Roethlisberger and Smash137.

Edit NeMe is participating in this exhibition with …SO NOW WHAT.

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