14th International Biennial Print Exhibition, R.O.C.


National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Call for applications: http://www.ntmofa.gov.tw/english/news01

Starting the 21st century, the subject of “the originality of printmaking” has been challenged. What does “the originality” mean? What is “print?” How to define the idea of reproducibility? Those elements printmaking counts on have turned into hot topics repeatedly. While the development of the art of printmaking is not necessarily linear, which could be a leap or a gap, the originality, forms and skills in artists’ works show signs for the future trend of printmaking.

Since the holding of the 11th International Biennial Print Exhibition, R.O.C., National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts has been bringing out topics, based on the submissions of the exhibitions, in hopes of encouraging interaction among artists and providing them with this exhibition as a platform of free communication, debate and exchange.

In the 12th and the 13th exhibitions, we tried by setting themes to suggest a focus on creative directions for the artists around the world. As “print” itself is a medium restriction, setting theme creates another one. Because those restrictions went against our goal of stimulating free creation and expression of the printmaking development, we go back to the old way and artists can set their own themes for submitted works this year. Adopting the suggestions from the artists and the judges in the previous exhibitions, we regulate that original artworks are required to be assessed in both preliminary and final rounds, and all submitted works will be returned except those of winners and finalists who agree to contribute.

From the development of the exhibitions we held, it’s clear that we have been striving to promote the art of printmaking. We sincerely invite artists around the globe to participate the 14th International Biennial Printmaking Exhibition. Through the process of competition and exhibition, we hope to champion the exchange between artists at home and abroad and with them jointly enrich the diverse development of printmaking art.

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