ProCams 2006, NYU

Projecting Off The Wall -- CALL for ART
In Conjunction with the 4th IEEE International Workshop on "Projector-Camera Systems " (ProCams 2006)

Co-sponsored by ITP/Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University

Recently there has been an explosion of interest in systems that combine digital light projection with cameras and interaction. Projecting off the Wall is a unique 2-day art event that will bring together artists, scientists, and the public for a showing of projector-camera art installations and demos, and is sponsored by the Workshop on Projector-Camera Systems. Previous ProCams events have been held in Nice, France (2003) and San Diego (2005), however this is the inaugural ProCams Art Event.

The ProCams workshop involves the worlds leading researchers in projection and interactive display technologies and has had increasing participation from the art community. With Projecting off the Wall, the conference organizers hope to foster connections between art and science that focus on the art as much (or more) than the technology.

We are specifically looking for artworks that include both projectors and cameras as integral elements of a unique viewer experience. This includes work that:

  • incorporates computer vision, object tracking and recognition
  • utilizes and/or addresses passively sensed environments
  • uses active and non-traditional projection techniques
  • involves projection onto custom screens, surfaces and objects
  • deals with the aesthetics of projected light and digital projection
  • engages issues of ubiquitous camera surveillance
  • includes real-time projected display of live camera input
  • combines multiple projections in innovative ways
  • uses projectors and cameras to create immersive and interactive experiences

In addition, outstanding pieces that explore the themes of interactive experiences and immersive displays will be considered.

The show will take place on June 18th at Tisch School of the Arts, 721 Broadway.

Visit to submit a proposal. Limited funds are available to offset travel and shipping costs.

Submission deadline: May 15, 2006
Exhibition dates: June 18

ITP Department, Tisch School of the Arts
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