Polar Identity


Global climate change has far reaching ramifications, the world as we know it will not be the world of 100 or perhaps even 10 years. Armed with a “new” awareness of how our actions impact the environment, how will this effect our ideas of ourselves? Polar Identity challenges us to take on a new perspective, one that can be both pragmatic and optimistic what is the fallout from new trade routes and passage through a once ice-blocked mass. How will these changes affect cartography, international relations, Easternization, religion, communications, etc. The new perspective upends the world, but what does it mean for the Southern hemisphere?

We are looking for work that relates to our individual & cultural relationships with the poles, how countries relate to the poles and how identity is derived from our polar relationship.


The exhibition will be online on the SWITCH Online Journal as well as physical location in the Silicon Valley. This will connected with the CADRE New Media Lab from San Jose State University and the San Jose Zero One Festival on the Edge.


  • First Prize $1000 and physical exhibition representation.
  • Second Prize $500
  • Three honorable mentions will be exhibited digitally on SWITCH.

Call: June 14, 2009 5pm Pacific Standard Time

Exhibition Date

August – September
Location, TBA, Silicon Valley, CA and SWITCH.SJSU.EDU


We will accept most media including papers, performance, 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional digital, multi-dimensional.


Send Submission to:

Format: Submissions must be submitted with the below content in an email and the imagery (video, web, images, pdf’s) as a web link.

For all:

  • 100 word bio
  • 250 word artist statement of proposed work
  • Approximate Timeline & Budget?

Performance/Video/Social Practice: 1(one)- 3 minute video of proposed work. 6 minute video of at least 2 past works that support your capability to do the project.

2d/3d/digital: 3 digital images of proposed work or sketches. 6 images of at least 2 previous works that support your capability to do the project.

Paper: 1(one)- 250 word abstract of proposed paper. 1-2 full text papers that support capability to do the project.


A collective of qualified judges will be invited to participate in choosing the winner.


SWITCH is the new media art journal of the Computers in Art, Design, Research, and Education (CADRE) Laboratory for New Media of the School of Art and Design at San Jose State University. Published since 1995, SWITCH is one of the earliest online journals focusing on art and technology. The mission of SWITCH aims to critically evaluate developments in art and technology with community, research and openness.

SWITCH is interested in fostering a critical viewpoint on issues and developments in the complex, and sometimes opaque crossovers between art and technology through practice, research, outreach, and participation.


The CADRE Laboratory for New Media is an interdisciplinary academic and research program dedicated to the experimental use of information technology and art. A theoretical and critical orientation provides a conceptual context in which artistic activities are defined. Faculty and students have participated in the evolution of media technology for over 20 years.


An independent nonprofit organization whose primary mission is to conduct a biennial festival that will offer attendees compelling experiences made possible at the intersection of art and digital culture. ZER01 is the producing organization for 01SJ: A global festival of art on the edge.

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