Pocket Films Festival 3


The 3rd edition of the Pocket Films Festival, festival of films made with cellular telephones organized by the Forum des images, will take place in the Georges Pompidou Center, Paris, on June 8-9-10, 2007.

For this new edition we propose to filmmakers, photographers, video and graphic artists all over the world to direct films made with cellular phones. We are now in the process of seeking interested persons regarding this invitation.

We would be very grateful to you if you would suggest artists, art groups or persons who would be interested in participating in our festival. We would also be very interested to discuss the eventuality of a collaboration between our festival and your Fondation.

Please feel free to relay our invitation to whom you may consider to be potentially interested.

Pocket Films Festival is an event organized by the Forum des images, a major cultural institution in Paris dedicated to the exploration of relations between cinema, technologies and society.

In 2005, The Forum des images launched the first edition of the Pocket Films Festivals. Our mission is to explore and stimulate the creative possibilities offered by the new generation of cellular telephones. Since the first edition, the Pocket Films Festival organized filmmaking workshops, conferences and debates, and invited French video and graphic artists, writers, filmmakers, art and film schools students, to make films made with cellular telephones.

More than 1,000 films were created for the festival, some of them reaching international acclaim like “Nocturnes for the King of Rome” by Jean-Charles Fitoussi, selected at the International Critic’s Week at the Cannes Film Festival.

I invite you to visit our website for more information and to see some of the films made especially for our festival. The english version of the site will be available very soon. Thank you for your patience.

We hope our project will interest you. I would be pleased to answer any questions you have about the event.

We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

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