A festival of digital media and interactive performance

[part of the FirstWorks Fall Festival]

September 24 – October 11, 2009 in Providence, Rhode Island


PIXILERATIONS [V.6] invites artists, musicians and film/video makers to submit work that investigates the current economic collapse which has reset thinking across all sectors of the social and cultural landscape. Tom Friedman, in a recent NY Times op-ed article, spoke of 2008 as the year of “The Great Disruption”, a title coined by Australian environmentalist, Paul Gilding. To combat the downward spiral of the country, President Obama is working to “stimulate” the economy and through some of his initiatives to develop a new philosophy for the U.S. to live by. We believe the continued ingenuity of artists can encourage us all to envision a future that provides a more sustainable and compassionate outlook for the country and the world.

Though we aren’t asking artists to adhere to this theme, submissions might respond to establishing new directions in politics, the environment and culture. As a new feature of this year’s events we are also looking for work that makes use of mobile technologies and encourage work that crosses physical with digital media in unique ways.


Pixilerations is a New Media festival in Providence, Rhode Island that investigates the state of New Media arts through installations, concert performance and film/video screenings. The festival is part of the larger FirstWorks Festival held each fall (www.first-works.org), Providence’s multidimensional performing arts festival. Pixilerations is produced by FirstWorks in collaboration with the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University.

Now in its sixth year, Pixilerations showcases groundbreaking work in digital music and art. Last year’s festival, Pixilerations [v.5]: fragments & (w)holes, presented innovative works by over sixty artists from the United States, Germany, France, South Africa and the Netherlands, and featured guest artists Gail Wight and Heidi Kumao.


Submissions will be accepted in three categories:

  1. Installations & Gallery works: Installations will be mounted at the Sol Koffler Gallery in the Rhode Island School of Design’s Center for Integrative Technology Building, and an additional alternative gallery space in downtown Providence, to be announced at a later date. Works will be installed in spaces with visual – but not acoustic – separation. Care should be taken when planning and installing your work to minimize the impact of audio/video bleed on the work of other participating artists. Artists must provide their own technology resources whenever possible (including power strips & extension cords). A limited amount of equipment may be available upon explicit request (excluding computers or monitors).
  2. Video works: Video works will be screened at the Cable Car Cinema in collaboration with the Magic Lantern Experimental Film Collaboration on Wednesday, October 7th. Please limit your final submission to 12 minutes in length. If possible, please submit works hosted on YouTube or another web-based platform, and provide an accurate URL.
    Pixilerations would prefer video works to be in NTSC format if possible.
  3. Mobile Media works: We seek work that embraces location-dependent information and context-awareness, explores new models of communication with consciousness of place, people, community and exchange. These might be locative and mobile media works including site specific works, mobile games, audio or multi-media walks, place-based storytelling pieces, spatially annotated and networked performances. This includes works that can be downloaded onto a variety of devices; mobile phones, laptops, iPhones, iPods, etc.

In addition to a detailed description of the work, please include clear descriptions of how the platform you are presenting the work on will be made accessible to a general audience. Keep in mind your audience will need to have access to devices that support the applications and technologies needed to experience your work. A secure checkout station for equipment is planned for the Sol Koffler Gallery location.


Submissions will be accepted in three categories:

  1. Interactive performance works incorporating real-time music and/or video, with or without acoustic instruments.
  2. Interactive performance works for dance and real-time music and/or video.
  3. Sound-only acousmatic/radiophonic works, in stereo or 5.1. (NOTE: All works must be submitted in stereo for judging purposes.)

NOTE: Pixilerations is unable to provide performers – it is up to the submitting artist to provide all necessary performers.

A concert 5.1 sound system and computer projection will be provided for the two interactive performance evenings. Additional equipment (microphones, monitors, etc.) will also be provided. Composers accepted with 5.1 acousmatic pieces will have the following options for playback: DVD (DVD-A, or DVD-V with Dolby or DTS encoding), or clearly labeled AIFF/WAV sound files.

When submitting your piece, please note your preference for one of the following performance dates:

ClubPixil performance will be held October 2, 2009. Experimental electronic performances in a club-like venue. (Note: if your work requires a quiet atmosphere, please choose September 25 or 26 as date preference).
Concert performances will be held September 25 & 26, 2009. These performances will be held at the University of Rhode Island Shepard Building Auditorium, Providence, RI.


Applicants are invited to submit a total of two works for consideration. A separate application for each work is required.

Funding: please note that, regretfully, Pixilerations does not have financial resources to fund selected artists.

Contact: info@first-works.org

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