PARAFLOWS 06 / annual convention for digital arts and cultures

09.-16.09.2006, Vienna, Austria

paraflows 06 / EXHIBITION

The exhibition PARAFLOWS 06 invites you to submit contributions. The exhibition deals with current artistic positions within digital media and net cultures. We will present productions which – using new media as a cultural tool – aim for a better understanding of today’s society, thus also being able to utter criticism in order to redesign society. We are eager to see works highlighting and scrutinising the decisive role of new technologies in the development and the perception of presentday culture. This year’s exhibition will focus on the idea of a ‘net behind the net’ which can mean both the digital behind the social net, and the social behind the digital net. Paraflows (the Greek prefix ‘para’ meaning: beside, near, moreover) emanates from the main motors of freedom of the net and its para-experts, the wikipedias and slashdots of all areas within which consumers help each other voluntarily to become and remain critical users and experts in their fields. We are interested in works augmenting our understanding of data protection and privacy, decentralisation, and self-publishing, works that deal with the implications of free ‘social software’ (web 2.0, blogs, wikis, etc.) in realspace, and in works analysing the importance of computer programming as a cultural technique.

paraflows 06 / LOCATIONS exhibitions

The exhibition will be held in various locations of the Viennese art and culture scene, ranging from art spaces to clubs, production sites and gallery spaces (details below). We explicitly encourage contributions which are generated for or in accordance with one of the locations, though spatial reference is by no means compulsory. For the seven days of the exhibition, there will be a ‘’ taking place at a different location every day, intended to provide opportunities for artists and producers to communicate with each other.

location_1 / ARTWARE-LOUNGE

Keywords: Exhibition space of, quite slick environment. Space: 2 rooms, 120m2 and 40m2, in the basement. Equipment: 1 projector, dvd player, internet. Comment: the basement is highly suitable for projections. Contact: paraflow coordinator Judith Fegerl,

location_2 / BLUMBERG

Keywords: art collective and contemporary art platform, concept art, art installations, design, media art, performance & discussions. Space: 120m2, former shop with shop windows, very open, neutral environment. Equipment: collective ressources available, open Wlan, leased line. Comment: no loud sound-projects. Contact: Florian Harmer,


Keywords: newly renovated rooms, ground floor of a corner house, project “Kunst-im-Stadtteil” [‘art-in-the-quarter’], immigrants, participative projects. Space: 2 rooms, 55m2, 35m2. Equipment: Wlan, leased line, optional: 1 projector, dvd player, computer. Comment: interventions welcome. Contact: Ula Schneider,

location_4 / METALAB

Keywords: social open space for collaboration and knowledge exchange with interdisciplinary magicians and technically creative enthusiasts, grant- aided net culture. Space: 200m2 spread over several rooms, no white cube but expert atmosphere. Equipment: 1 projector, several computers (Linux), open Wlan, leased line. Comment: projects with conceptual and, even more so, technical expertise are preferred. Contact: Christopher Clay,

location_5 / UMRAUM

Keywords: artists/architects duo, art concepts, process art, promoters of spatial phenomena, outer-institutional art, internet as fragment of the public. Space: anteroom 12m2, studio 36m2, shop 16m2, rather neutral, basement, corner house, partially reclaimable outdoor space. Equipment: 2 projectors, several monitors, 4 dvd players, 1 computer (Apple), open Wlan, leased line. Comment: suitable for installations, production, exhibitions. Contact: Kurt Weckel,

location_6 / VEKKS

Keywords: classic underground subculture with Freebie Shop at the entrance, quarter socialisation. Space: about 120m2, blue walls, back yard, rustic basement of about 70m2. Equipment: Hi-fi system, 1 computer, leased line. Contact: Georg Stejskal,

location_7 / werkzeugH

Keywords: digital living room, 400m2 + 200m2 outdoor space, big glass façade towards the street, space for architectonic interventions, discourse space and DIY academy. Space: 170m2 (13 by 13m). Equipment: power, water, Wlan, leased line. Comment: happily accepted: installations with reference to realspace, outdoor space/architecture. Contact: Manfred Wuits,

paraflows 06 / SUBMISSION exhibition

DEADLINE: August 4th 2006, 24:00:00 MET
Project submissions will only be accepted in digital form as one single pdf-file sent to

  1. Name, institution (if existent), address, email, phone number, website/s
  2. Submitted work: title, medium, author/s, year of production
  3. Please choose up to three of the following catchwords as key aspects for your submitted work: interface, database, software, device, game, animation, immersive, narrative, linear, non-linear, analogue, found footage, sonic, visual, tactile, interactive, reactive, auto-active, participatory, generative, performative, locative, networked, shared, DIY, political, archival, documentary, site-specific, urban, communal, contemplative, poetic, humoristic, therapeutic.
  4. Description of the project (1 page maximum), please note preferred location
  5. Technical explanations, spatial/system needs (hardware, operating system, additional software)
  6. Further information
  7. Biographies
  8. Documentation of former projects (website/s is sufficient)

Language: only works in German or English, respectively works with subtitles in one of these languages will be accepted. Works in other languages must come with a list of texts in German or English. We explicitly encourage artists and producers from outside Austria to enter the competition.
Jury: The projects will be selected in consensus with the organisers of the particular location and with the exhibition management.

paraflows 06 / FRAME

PARAFLOWS 06, the annual convention for digital arts and cultures, is taking place for the first time, it features an exhibition, a symposium, workshops, and various social events. The four Paraflows 06-panels (September 10th – 11th 2006) at the Semperdepot of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna will mark the beginning of a week of work and discussion for the NetzNetz community the following days.

paraflows 06 / CONTACT
Festival Manager: Guenther Friesinger , Assistance: Sabine Maierhofer
Exhibition: Angela Dorrer, Support: Judith Fegerl
Symposium: Leo Findeisen
Office: MQ Musumsquartier, c/o monochrom, A-1070 Wien, Museumsplatz 1, Austria
Paraflows06 is funded by the City of Vienna, MA7 Netculture.
Supported by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the University of Vienna.

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