We invite the community to submit to the [PAM] 3rd Annual Open Call for New Video Art to be included as a featured project at Scope New York at Lincoln Center.

Celebrate with us the anniversary of the creation of the Perpetual Art Machine video art project and to commemorate the death of video art legend Nam June Paik.

Paik, credited over 30 years ago with coining the phrase “The future is now”, [PAM] asks what that means today in

Submissions will be considered for featured video programs curated by surprise guests, to be presented March 26-30, at this years SCOPE New York International Art Fair, Lincoln Center, New York, NY.

For those of you that don’t know already. [PAM] was originally created for Scope New York in 2006. [PAM] was founded and created by the artists Lee Wells, Chris Borkowski, Aaron Miller and Raphaele Shirley as a one-time collaborative installation and open source web 2.0 research and archive project. [PAM] has since grown into a vibrant and progressive international community of curators, academics, collectors, writers and most importantly the artists who choose video, interactive media and the Internet as vehicles to express themselves in the new century. [PAM]‘s unique interactive touch-screen system, allows for the artist and viewer to become an active participant in the curatorial process by allowing visitors to choose from thousands of video works from some of today’s most exciting contemporary emerging video artists.

[PAM] has travelled the project to over 10 countries through its installation and special screenings that include the 2nd Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art, ART|BASEL Miami Beach, WRO07 Media Art Biennale, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, and the Lentos Art Museum, in addition to numerous incarnations at Scope Art Fairs over the past 2 years.

Recently, [PAM] organized the exhibition “Video Art in the Age of the Internet” at the Chelsea Art Museum. In October, [PAM] will be included in an exhibition at the National Centre of Contemporary Art in Moscow and Yekaterinburg Russia called “Drift” a satellite exhibition to In Transition Russia 2008 curated by NeMe co-founder Helene Black with Sheila Pinkel.

“If there is any movement or group of artists who have inherited the mantel of Nam June Paik it is this group, although of course they are doing their own thing.”

Michael Rush

In Memoriam
Nam June Paik, 1932-2006

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