Open Call for Networked Art

3 Commissions @ $3,000 and Pace Digital Gallery announce an Open Call for Networked Art to be commissioned for the exhibition “”

3 commissions @ $3,000 will be awarded. The deadline for proposals is November 1, 2010. The works will premier at Pace and on Turbulence in April 2011.

The curators are seeking works that address the notion of “Levels | Hierarchies,” as in chains of command, levels of play, stages of life, degrees of comfort… Pace Digital Gallery is, itself, distributed across three floors of a building; within a broad stairwell to be precise. Practitioners are required to address the theme according to both the physical space and the distributed space of the Internet, where the works will reside permanently.

Those of you who live in New York are encouraged to visit the gallery to see the space (gallery hours are Tues – Fri, 12 – 5pm). On view through October 22, “David Crawford: Retrospective.”


Send an email with the following information:

  1. In the subject header: “Turbulence Proposal-your name.”
  2. Artist information including full name, residence address, email address, and short bio with links to online projects.
  3. A description of the intended project, including:
    • Project Title, Concept (on the theme “Levels | Hierarchies”), Description of how the work will function
    • Why and/or how you consider it to be networked art?
    • Technical specifications: 1. Gallery 2. Server
    • Budget (Note: all costs must be noted, including travel and installation. If the budget exceeds $3,000, practitioners must state that the additional funds have been secured.)

Proposals can be in the form of text in the body of the email, or an attached text file. The assumption is that online examples of work will be sufficient to review. Only emailed proposals will be considered. Email proposals to: turbulence[at]

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