“Now & After” is the festival of video art in progress that changes every year the form of its presentation. It adapts to the space in which it takes place. The museum’s site gives the opportunity to show videos in interaction with each other, and the curator of the festival generates one whole space of video installation, which includes all of the videos participated. Addition to the total show, every day a new competitive video is shown as an independent video installation “Video Now”.

The topic of this year is “SUPER-SUPER CITY”.

The modern city is more than just a thickly settled agglomeration of architectural and engineering structures. It is a metropolis, absorbing millions of inhabitants. It is a settlement subordinated to the logic of industrial development. It is a small town, where time glides. It is a habitat that have known better days and unneeded now.

According to the rules of formal logic a double statement is not a denial, but merely reinforces the statement. However, contrary to logic, whether a double statement is a denial or a statement depends on intonation. The intonation is determined by an artist.

“Super-Super City”, what does it mean for you?

Is it a cosmopolitan city or a small patriarchal town that keeps up its traditions?
Is it the natural habitat of a modern man or above all a set of “places of universal communication” (airports, subways, large supermarkets), where, according to Baudrillard, “people are deprived of their citizenship, nationality, their territory”?
Is it a monotony of contemporary urbanism or a futuristic project?
Is it loneliness in a crowd or togetherness of different?
Is it a poetic urban landscape or the life of society around us?
Is there an alternative to the city?
Is “super-super city” a heyday or decadence?

The director and curator of “Now & After” is Marina Fomenko.


Conditions for participation

  1. There is no entry fee.
  2. All rights on videos remain property of authors.
  3. Submitted videos must have been completed after January 2009.
  4. Running time is up to 5 min (we are flexible; send us an e-mail if your film is longer).
  5. Entry form must be completed online.
  6. Each applicant may send maximum 3 submissions.
  7. All the films selected for the competition program will be considered by the jury.
  8. The authors of the best films will be awarded. The Festival’s Prize Fund is 100,000 rubles.
  9. Deadline is March 20, 2012.

To participate in the Festival’s competition, you should read the participation terms, fill out the entry form online on the Festival’s site and submit your work via file sharing.

Technical requirements

  1. The required format of the works is .avi, .mov, .mpeg2, H264 (PAL).
  2. The author should send 2-3 stills from the video itself, in format .jpg with dimension not less than 400×300px .
  3. Videos should have a screening quality (720×576px). Minimum size required is 640×480px.
  4. You should indicate links for downloading your video and still-frames from the video in the entry form.
  5. The video and the images must be effectively available at indicated URL within the deadline.
  6. Please, don’t send us links to videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or similar websites. We need your original artworks.
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