International Video Art Festival “NOW & AFTER’13” will take place in Moscow Museum of Modern Art for the third time April 22 – May 5, 2013.

“Now & After” is the festival of video art in progress that changes every year the form of its presentation. It adapts to the space in which it takes place. The museum’s site gives the opportunity to show all selected videos in interaction with each other in one whole space of a video installation. Addition to the total show, every day a new video participating in the festival is shown as an independent video installation “Video Now”.

“NOW & AFTER’13” focuses its attention on a person.

Image of a person has been one of the main themes of art since the ancient times. Artists have been recreating man’s image using various genres and techniques: from rock painting to ancient sculpture, from classic portrait to avatar.

Image (from Latin: imago) is a visual representation by means of media.
While creating an image of man, artists turn to reality to borrow social and gender stereotypes, and look into the past and the future, expanding the limits of perception and discovering the unknown within familiar.

Personality (from Latin: регsonalitas) is a social and psychological aspect of a man, those special and unique features that belong exclusively to the person and determine his similarity to others as well as differences from them.

What do artists examine within the range between the man’s image and his personality:

  • Keeping the identity or dissolution in the extensiveness of a “global village”
  • Gender approach or anthropological paradigm
  • Perception stereotypes or characteristics of personality
  • Corporality or virtual image
  • Performative representation of a person or detached observer’s view
  • Crowd or society
  • Close-up of a person or a community
  • Portrait or self-portrait

And as usual, we would like to see the theme developing in time: a personality of the past, identification at present and images of the future.

The director and curator of “Now & After” is Marina Fomenko.

  • There is no entry fee.
  • All rights on videos remain property of authors.
  • Submitted videos must have been completed after January 1, 2010.
  • Running time is up to 5 min (we are flexible; send us an e-mail if your film is longer).
  • Entry form must be completed online.
  • Each applicant may send maximum 3 submissions.
  • All the films selected for the competition program will be considered by the jury.
  • The authors of the best films will be awarded. The Festival’s Prize Fund is 100,000 rubles. (about $3,000).

To participate in the Festival, you should read the participation terms, fill out the entry form online on the Festival’s website and submit your work via file sharing.

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