New Technological Art Award 2012

Art inspired by and in contact with the technological developments of today is not a mainstream interest. It is our aim to promote these contemporary art forms and further open them up to a wider audience.

From the very beginning, the Liedts Meesen Foundation has made a clear choice for these little known forms of artistic expression. This conscious choice is consistent with the transnational goals of the foundation.

This award is thus restricted to new technology art.

What the word cannot voice or what the letter cannot express is completed by artistic talent, but a lasting expression was realized through canvas and paint in the form of a two dimensional image, or through the cutting and grinding of stone or wood in order to create three-dimensional objects.

In the past, the artist had few ways to help him express his emotions, his commitment and his values. New forms have emerged: architecture, music, choreography, photography, cinematography, broadcasting, multimedia, … have widened the boundaries of artistic expression and many restrictions from the past have been lifted. Today new sciences are used such as electronics, telecommunications, biology and genetics, as well as new materials such as steel, glass, plastics and fluids.

We situate the new technological art in these domains. This implies the use of new technologies, processes or materials but only as part of an artistic creation that does not neglect the aesthetics and artistic expression.

The New Technological Art Award from the Liedts-Meesen Foundation aims to reward young living artists for a work in the area defined above that was created in the past two years. The prize goes to a specific work that is submitted and not to different realizations of an artist.

All living artists, regardless of their origin, can present their candidacy for art works less than two years old, but which may already have been exhibited. Each artist may submit only one work. The contest is international and uses English as main language.

The registration can only be made on line by using an application form available on this website. This form cannot be sent unless all mandatory fields have been completed.

An international jury will select 20 projects from all candidates. This same jury will determine locations for the different works of art. The main criterion to do so will be the degree of conformity with the objectives and content of the contest. Works that for safety reasons or because of their dimensions (number of m² or m³ needed) cannot be presented, will be refused. The limitations in this respect can only by assessed by the jury or the managers of the locations.

For 2012, the Liedts-Meesen Foundation has foreseen a cash prize. This indivisible prize is associated with a work and its creator and amounts to €5.000. The jury is entitled, besides this prize, to honour an artist with an honourable mention. There is also a prize from the public linked to the contest. This entitles the winner to a presentation after the contest in a European museum.

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