Proposals for the NeMe Arts Centre [New Threads] Project

We welcome curatorial proposals from young (21-35 years old) practising curators, scholars, and artists from all disciplines for group exhibitions, performances and research projects for the NeMe Arts Centre.

We are especially interested in and will give preference to:

  • Video, digital media experimental and emerging experimental art forms which aim to challenge traditional borders between creative and critical practice.
  • Scholarly approaches to social change, media representation and marginalised cultures.
  • Imaginative events which deal with new media technologies, technological critique, critical art practices, human rights, feminist theory, critical theory projects and experimentation.
  • Proposals which advance the visual arts in order to engage and empower the public to develop a new vision of Cyprus based contemporary cultural production in relation to international artist’s practice and theoretical contexts.

As stated above, preference will be given to proposals which demonstrate innovative curatorial approaches and investigate recent developments, concepts and discourses in contemporary art and/or theory.


  1. Proposals submitted using the form below are evaluated by the NAC committee based on the strength of the application, suitability of the project for the NeMe Centre Arts space and the resolution of the ideas underpinning the proposal in line with the aims and objectives of NeMe.
  2. Full or partially funded project proposals are evaluated but preference is given to fully funded ones.
  3. The proposals are evaluated every March, June, September and December.
  4. Interview on skype or in-person with short-listed applicants.
  5. Submission of final proposal in pdf, pages, doc, docx, or rtf formats which includes the names and biographies of participants, images of artworks, texts and detailed budget.
  6. Final review of the projects.

NeMe sponsorship covers:

  • The NeMe Arts Centre space free for a period of two weeks or longer depending on the outreach of the proposed project.
  • The cost of rent, electricity, water, opening reception and painting / cleaning the space prior and after the exhibition.
  • Administrative support regarding organisational and promotional aspects.
  • Installation support.
  • The dismounting and packaging of all exhibited works.

Selected applicant(s) will be responsible for:

  • Securing funding for their proposal to be realised professionally. NeMe is able to provide invitation letters.
  • An outline of proposed budget must be submitted to NeMe.
  • Sign an agreement with NeMe that all responsibility will be taken for any damages to the exhibition space that may occur.
  • Ensure that no exhibited work has Copyright infringements especially, but not limited to, the use of music and/or sequences in video works.
  • Be in regular liaison with NeMe regarding all organisational and administrative aspect for the realisation of their project.
  • Pay for the costs of an attendant for the duration of the exhibition.
  • Pay for three (3) banners, dimensions specified by NeMe.
  • The delivery of all works to the space and their return to owners.
  • Insurance of works and/or non NeMe owned equipment.
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