Museum of Contextual Amputations - call 2006

The Museum of Contextual Amputations is looking for submissions from artists, writers and others. This online Museum will showcase objects and texts that specifically employ the following strategies:

  1. Lies/ Deceit
  2. Plagiarism
  3. Embellishment/ Extension (of already existing material)
  4. Erasure/ Removal (of already existing material)
  5. De-contextualization and Re-contextualization
  6. Myth

The museum will be organized by topics, and images and texts will be paired together. For this reason the submitter is encouraged to provide both text and image, this does not, however, guarantee their being paired with one another. This first group of curated submitters will be awarded the status of "Trustees of the Museum". Subsequent users will be awarded the optional status of "Friends of the Museum."

This is an Open Source Museum and is slated to open on June 1st 2006. Once it officially opens it can be fully edited, embellished upon, reordered, or erased by all users. This will lead to a constantly changing space of discussion and confrontation.

Unlike Wikipedia, where the ground for contestation/ confrontation is the notion of what is True, we are yet to discover the possible grounds for confrontation in the Museum.

This is a project undertaken by SHIFTER magazine. Please send all submissions and direct any questions to the editorial staff at:

editor: Sreshta Rit Premnath
associate editor: Gönner Heiliger Von Lügen
critical advisor: Pieter DeHeijde
design + copy: IF Productions

SHIFTER is also accepting submissions for its 8th issue titled "Rules and Representations." More information regarding this call for entries is forthcoming.

Submission Guidelines:
Please submit images and text to
Images cannot exceed 3mb in size.
Text pieces cannot exceed 1000 words.
please contact us in case of special circumstances.
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