Medi@terra 2005

Games and reality

The International Art and Technology Festival Medi@terra for the last six years brings in Greece the new artistic modes and trends from the field of art, technology and communication and now prepares its 7th edition which will be dedicated to computer and video games.

Games have grown up, their industry is empowered and influences the cinema production forming new aesthetics and preparing new art.

Mediaterra with the theme "Games and reality" explores all dimensions and developments in the field of game and entertainment and attempts a thorough examination of the data, the trends and the new conditions arising.

Medi@terra 05 in an specially created environment a simulation of a virtual space proposes a unique for Greece event dedicated to electronic, video and internet games.

The event includes

  • An exhibition looking back to the history of games from the ancient times until today with a special reference to the first electronic games. From Atari and Pong to todays virtual gaming worlds
  • Kiosks with electronic games, game consoles and on line games in special spaces formed
  • Exhibition with projects by artists that have been influenced by video games and online games
  • Conference with the participation of important game creators and theorists from the fields of art, sociology and philosophy. Presentation of the last trends in the production and the presentation of games to the public. The virtual and real economy in the video games. The development of the virtual characters (avatars) and the new identities. The new roles and the special social groups. The game communities. The isolation of the individual / the empowerment of social life and its relation to the people and the space. The relationship with sociopolitical problems and facts.
  • Screenings of films that have been influenced by video games or are based on their scripts
  • Competition for artists with a call for projects to be distributed in Greece and abroad aiming to track and present the best videogame art projects.
  • Competition for gamers having as a platform famous video games that will be hosted in the venue
  • Mobile games. Competition through WAP where artists from different geographical points can participate
  • Internet parallel activities
  • Workshops. Designing 3D graphics. The systems used. Special reference to open source software and platforms.
  • Hactivism. A reference to the movement that has been formed. The activism of the hackers, their interventions in the system and their effects.
  • DJ events- music and video game consoles. Party and activities with djs from abroad that use and compose sounds taken from video games.
  • Location based games. Games that take place at the same time in the virtual and real space. Action games with players in both dimensions using mobiles, walkies talkies, internet and GPS.

Medi@terra 05 will take place in the beginning of December 05. Fournos, Center for Digital Culture has had the initiative, the concept and undertakes its realisation.

At the present time Fournos wishes to inform the artists interested to prepare works that are based on or are inspired by the gaming technology, inviting them to take part in the Festival.

The festival is organised with the support of the Ministry of Culture and in collaboration with computer and video game companies.

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