Marl Media Art Awards 2014

Dealing with space in video and sound

Historically and spatially, the Marl Media Art Awards refer to the orientation as a sculpture museum and to the modernist architecture of the Town Hall completed in 1966. Because spatial reference is the key criteria for sculpture, for the second time the competition invites media artists who deal with all facets of space in their works to participate.

Since 1984, the Museum of Sculpture Glaskasten Marl has hosted the Video Art Award, and since 2002 the Sound Art Award, which is being further developed into the EUROPEAN SOUNDART AWARD. The two media, which define themselves principally through video and sound, have much in common: not only are they both time-related, but in many video works the acoustic level is very important, while more and more sound works include moving images. The Marl Media Art Awards present the results of both sound and video art competitions in one exhibition at the Museum of Sculpture Glaskasten.

The works submitted for the Marl Video Art Award 2014 must relate – thematically, formally or in its presentation – to the specific (museum) space. The spatial reference here also means avoiding linear narrative structures while featuring a different, non-linear temporal structure, such as a loop, which is ideal for presentation in a museum. Classic, single-channel videos, shown on a monitor or projected on a screen remain acceptable. Overall, however, the international competition gives preference to multi-channel installations and installations extended through use of additional materials. Approximately 20 works will be selected for the exhibition and will compete for the Marl Video Art Award 2014, with €5,000 in prize money. The prize money will be aimed at acquisition of the awarded piece for the permanent collection of the Museum Glaskasten Marl.

Starting this year, the EUROPEAN SOUNDART AWARD extends the Sound Art Award to all areas of acoustic art. In the field of sound art, the competition is also looking for works explicitly related to the space and sound creations, that characterize the space. Along with artistic quality, convincing acoustic and plastic form will be a particularly relevant assessment criterion. In addition, three of approximately ten contestants selected for the exhibition will be invited by the same jury to visit Marl in the summer in order to to develop concepts for a specific space in Marl. One of these concepts will be awarded the EUROPEAN SOUNDART AWARD and €7,000 as money prize for its immediate realization.

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