MARCO'06 Award for Young Curators

MARCO, Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo
Vigo, Portugal
Event dates: July – September 2007

Competition for the Realization of an Exhibition for the first floor of the MARCO
Organised by the Fundación MARCO, the purpose of this competition is to offer participants the chance to execute an exhibition project to occupy the first floor of the MARCO. Entries will focus on the field of contemporary artistic creation and contemplate the participation of two or more artists.

The exhibition project will have a budget of a maximum sum of 15.000 Euros.

All curators born in and after 1968 are eligible to enter the competition. If an entry is a group creation, one person will be chosen from that group to represent it and act as mediator with the institution.

Curators will not be allowed to participate as artists. Entries must be previously unpublished and must contemplate the participation of two or more artists. No more than one project per entrant will be accepted.

The curator will submit in a sealed envelope:

  • The attached inscription form, duly filled out
  • A summarised Curriculum Vitae
  • A photocopy of ID card or passport

Dossier of the project which will include:

  • The title of the exhibition
  • A summary of the exhibition project
  • A list of the artists included in the exhibition, indicating their nationalities and date of birth
  • A list of the techniques used and an image of the works (in the case of pre-existing works)
  • A description and outline of the works (if produced specifically for this exhibition)
  • The layout of the exhibition in accordance with the dimensions of the first floor galleries. Get a copy of the floor plan at
  • A breakdown of the costing of the project, which will not exceed 15,000 Euros, tax included.

The costing MUST provide for:

  • The expenses incurred by the production of the works
  • Costs of installation or fitting out the gallery
  • The insurance and transport of works and materials
  • The costs of journeys and/or hotels of the participating artists

The costing WILL NOT provide for:

  • The cost of printing publicity or promotional material, such as leaflets, press releases, and exhibition catalogue
  • Technical staff needed for installation
  • Audiovisual material

Entries must be handed in personally at the MARCO box office or sent by registered post, with ‘Premio MARCO’06 para novos comisarios’, written clearly on the envelope, to the address of the MARCO, Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo. Rúa Príncipe, 54. 36202 Vigo.

Projects that are not awarded can be collected from the MARCO box office by the curator or an exclusively authorised person during the month of December 2006, during the museum&8217;s opening hours. After this date, all uncollected documentation will be destroyed.

A jury made up of professionals of the art world will select the winning project and two finalists in November. The jury&8217;s decision is final. The jury may declare the award void should they consider this necessary. The criteria for evaluating the entries will be based on quality and suitability to the characteristics of the first floor of the MARCO as an exhibition space.

The jury will be composed by:

  • Eva González Sancho, director of the FRAC Alsace, France
  • Juan de Nieves, artistic director of the Espai d’Art Contemporani de Castelló (EACC)
  • Javier Pérez Buján, director of the Fundación Laxeiro, Vigo
  • Miguel Wandschneider, curator of Culturgest Lisboa, Portugal
  • Iñaki Martínez Antelo, director of the MARCO, Vigo

The Fundación MARCO reserves the right to replace a member of the jury if he or she is unable to attend the process of selecting a winner.

The jury&8217;s decision will be made public in November 2006 and all participants will be notified.

A period of 10 natural days will be established for the award to be accepted, by written communication. If it is not accepted, the award will pass to the winner of the second place.

The curator of the winning project will sign a contract with the Fundación MARCO agreeing to comply with the functions derived from curating an exhibition, the characteristics of which will be specified in the contract. These will include the selection and location of the works, the design and supervision of the installation, and the writing of at least one text for the catalogue.

The curator of the winning project will receive the sum of 5,000 Euros, tax included, as an honorarium. It will be paid in two instalments: 50% at the moment of signing the exhibition contract, and the remaining 50% at the moment of the exhibition&8217;s opening. The Fundación MARCO will not cover travel or accommodation expenses, as these are considered to be included in the honorarium.

Entry into this competition implies the total acceptance of its terms and conditions. The organisers reserve the right to deal with any situation not foreseen in these Terms and Conditions as it sees fit.


MARCO, Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo
Patricia Verdial
Rúa Príncipe, 54
36202 Vigo
phone: 986 113900
fax: 986 113901

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