L'Oreal Art and Science of Color Prize, Ibaraki, Japan


L'Oreal Art and Science Foundation
L'Oreal Art and Science of Color Prize

The prize is presented for a particular piece of work that has successfully achieved a fresh and original meeting between science and art in color.

(1) Gold Prize
The Gold Prize is presented to one person or one group (of 3 persons or less) and carries with it an award of 30,000 Euro.

(2) Silver Prize
The Silver Prize is presented to one person or one group (of 3 persons or less) and carries with it an award of 20,000 Euro.

(3) Bronze Prize
The Bronze Prize is presented to one person or one group (of 3 persons or less) and carries with it an award of 10,000 Euro.

All winners will be invited to the award ceremony to be held in the autumn of 2006 in Japan.

A work may be submitted either by its author(s) or by someone else. In the latter case, please give us the necessary information including the name(s), occupation(s) and contact(s) of the person(s) who recommend(s) the work.

The number of applicants may be one person or one group (consisting of 3 persons or less).

The language is English.

The following documents have to be sent to our Foundation.
  • Application form (10 copies)
  • Curriculum vitae with a list of your achievements (10 copies) - Please attach a passport-sized photo of yourself to each copy.
  • Explanation of your work (research paper or artwork) - (Less than 1,500 words) (10 copies)
  • Copies that plainly show the contents of your work [an offprint of a paper, a collection of papers, a publication(s), a photograph(s), a slide(s), a CD-ROM(s), a DV(s), a DVD(s) and a VHS video cassette(s)] (10 copies each).

An applicant can only submit one work (research paper or artwork). (A work composed of multiple components, such as a series, is regarded as one work.) Although an applicant can attach his/her other works or papers for reference, they will not be considered in the screening process. Given that this Award is not granted for applicants' creative or research history, please do not attach a significant number of your works or papers.

Note 1: Documents related to items from (1) to (3) can be submitted via e-mail. In that case, the applicant does not have to send 10 copies, 1 of each is sufficient. However, each applicant is requested to send 10 copies of the materials related to (4) by mail or delivery service. (The receipt of a work via the website address will not be accepted as a formal entry.)

Note 2: Digital data should be submitted in either of the following formats:
For files containing texts, PDF (font embedded), Word, Excel, PowerPoint or ASCII; for still images, TIFF, JPEG, PSD or BMP; and for motion images, MPEG2, AVI or Quick Time.

Note 3: Video media in both NTSC and PAL formats are acceptable.

* Work submitted will not be returned.
* The L'ORÉAL Art and Science Foundation reserves the right to use prizewinning works as part of its PR activities related to this Prize.

The International Screening Committee will complete its selection by October 2006.

Deadline 31/03/06

L'Oreal Art and Science Foundation
Ms. Watanabe
2-22-5-701 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku
151-0053 Tokyo
tel: +81-3-5308-2662 • fax: +81-3-5308-2667
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