Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival

The LUFF is dedicated to show and promote innovative films and music that have not access to a wide distribution.It is the only cultural event of its kind in Switzerland.The film selection includes the following sections:

  • short narrative films (international competition)
  • short experimental films (international competition)
  • animated short films (international competition)
  • feature films (international competition)
  • documentaries

What is “underground” ?

It is always easier for the filmmakers to decide if their film is underground or not. But to give an idea of what we are looking for, we think that underground films do not make any compromise to be made or to be seen. Underground films accept no limits, no censorships and always present an innovative point of view. The LUFF has been created after the New York Underground Film Festival, then its purpose remains the same: to support and promote films that push boundaries and break new ground — that challenge, entertain and provoke.

How to Enter

Send a preview copy of your film to the selection committee. Accepted format are:

  • DVD (PAL or NTSC, any Region coding will be accepted)

Note: DVD-R/DVD+R have to be burnt correctly so that they can be read on most of the DVD players. In order to do so, please burn your DVD at the lowest speed you can (1× 1’385Ko/s). Every film that has been badly burnt – which means that the DVD is unreadable or the picture quality is bad (pixels, image drops,…) will not be considered for the selection. Also, try to use good quality DVD.
Every other preview formats will be refused.

Each entry must be accompanied by

  • a completed entry form (photocopies are acceptable) per film
  • a press kit if available (the absence of press kit has no influence on the selection)

Accepted screening formats:

  • 35mm
  • 16mm
  • Beta SP PAL (no NTSC)
  • Mini DV PAL, NTSC
  • DVD (PAL or NTSC, any region)
  • Digital file

A Note on “Category”

Many works entered into the Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival defy easy classification, but it’s important for us that you check only one category for your entry. So please follow these guidelines:

  • If it is a documentary or animation, check one of those categories. If it’s not a documentary, and not animation, and it has a story, check narrative feature (for works 60 minutes and over) or narrative short (for works under 60 minutes).
  • For the purposes of our event, “experimental” is used exclusively for non-narrative, nondocumentary works? If it’s not a documentary, and does not have a story, then check experimental.
  • If you feel that your film fits experimental and animation equally, we recommend that you choose animation.
  • If you don’t follow the above guidelines, we will re-classify your entry appropriately!

Shipping the preview tapes or DVD

Cost of shipping to the festival is covered by the entrant. Shipping must be prepaid. Collect or COD shipments cannot be accepted. Each tape must be marked with the title of the entry. Entrant’s identification must be on the case and the tape. Please use only plastic or bubble-pack cases when shipping entries – no fiber cases please! Do not forget to specify on your package the following mention: For cultural purposes only – no commercial value.
No preview tape or DVD will be sent back to the original sender, whether or not the film has be selected or not.

Shipping the exhibition prints

The go and return transport of selected feature film prints would be at our charge.
The go transport of selected short film prints would be at your charge.
The return transport of selected short films print would be at our charge.
Entry does not guarantee placement in the program. However, each submission will be carefully considered. Festival organizers will pre-select entries that will enter the competition. If your film is chosen, you will be notified current of September 2012. The exhibition print has to be in our hand on October 8 2012.
The LUFF is not responsible for lost, stolen or missing entries. We would like to remind you to send a COPY of your original work. Due to the high number of submissions, the preview tapes or any supporting material will be kept in the festival’s archives and will not be sent back. Please not send SASEs for the return of your tape, because we will simply ignore them and use the stamps. Do not send money either.

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