Open Call for Land Art

LAND-SHAPE, Land Art North Denmark Competition Submit entries by 1st of November 2014 for pre selection

LAND-SHAPE, Land Art North Denmark invites artists, designers, architects, scientists and entrepreneurs to submit proposals for visionary, site-specific, Land Art for Northern Jutland.

Key information

  • 10 winning projects will be selected
  • 10.000,- DKK (€1,350) in order to participate in the LAND-SHAPE festival 2015 with a conceptual representation of a site specific land art piece for North Jutland
  • 10 day stay in Denmark, highlighting the winners at the LAND-SHAPE Land Art North Denmark Festival June 2015 where further development and actual realization of the projects will be investigated, negotiated and planned LAND-SHAPE festival Prize: 50,000,- DKK (€6,700)
  • LAND-SHAPE public choice Prize: 25,000.DKK (€3,300)
  • Realization of a site specific land art piece in North Jutland, Denmark including help for matchmaking in Denmark with professionals, assistants, materials etc. during the period June 2015 – December 2016.

LAND-SHAPE aims at establishing innovative and cutting-edge, site specific, land art works, for the northern region of Denmark: North Jutland. The project calls for land art proposals in a widened artistic perspective: Investigates the potentials of contemporary land art and its relation to society. We recognize both the roots and historical emergence of “classical” land art form together with new approaches through cross aesthetics, different medias, relational aesthetics, new material art, all kinds of collaborative forms. LAND-SHAPE challenges artists and artist groups to submit proposals for sites in North Jutland to activate:

  • Hidden potential though cultural heritage of the region or special locations in North Jutland
  • New narratives suggesting future potential of the sites. Cross going collaboration with local “resources” such as: primal matter, industrial products typical of the area, innovation areas of North Jutland, special materials produces in the area, institutions, villages, volunteers etc.
  • Social engagement though art, involving the citizens, special social groups etc.
  • Projects that can enhance the common understanding of the notion of landscape it self.

North Jutland is known for its great nature and wide variation in landscape types. The region has a strong sense of self-consciousness and a deeply embedded tradition for local collaboration. North Jutland is by Danish standards located far away from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. This determinates a strong regional focus on both business and cultural fields and opens up to unique initiatives and a strong will to define local identity. This is a condition known to many other regions internationally. The aim of LAND-SHAPE therefore is to investigate in to and hopefully their by increase, the potentials and freedom of being perceived as the periphery/outskirts in any country. LAND-SHAPE deals with the question of how land art, interdisciplinarity and self-organizing can lead to new perspectives for the future society bound to this condition.

Who is behind LAND-SHAPE?

LAND-SHAPE, Land Art North Denmark is the name of a focus area under the cultural agreement for the Region of North Jutland over the period 2013-2016. The cultural agreement is a contract between: The Danish Cultural Ministry, The Region of North Jutland and all 11 municipalities of North Jutland.

Time-line, Terms and Conditions

4th of August – 1st of November 2014.
Submission period open. (The LAND-SHAPE office is closed for inquiries until the 4th of August)
2nd of November – 1st of December
Selection of 10 winning land art proposals.

An international jury of 5 highly skilled artists/landscape architects/ art historians etc., from at least 3 different countries, will select 10 winning proposals. LAND-SHAPE is in the process of electing the team for the jury, which will be announced by the end of August on LAND-SHAPE’s website:

December 2015
All artists that have submitted proposals will be notified about the results.
Upon notification of the outcome of the competition the 10 winning projects will be asked to enter into a cooperation contract with LAND-SHAPE. Each winning proposal will receive 10,000,- DKK/€1,350 to further develop their concept.
Travel expenses to and from Aalborg in Denmark, must be covered by the artist. The artist must cover expenses for materials, needed at the festival. LAND-SHAPE seeks to help out as much as possible with logistics and sponsored materials needed.
December 2014 – May 2015.
LAND-SHAPE will help the artists with matchmaking with local businesses, collaborators, volunteer assistants, specialists needed for development of the concept of their pieces etc.
1st – 10th of June 2015
The winners are required to participate in a 10 days project development and realization planning. Within this period. the following activities takes place:
The winners presents their concept at the 1st LAND-SHAPE festival in Hanstholm, during the first week of June 2015.
The winners presents their concept at tge first LAND-SHAPE festival in Hanstholm during the first week of June 2015
The winners participate in a 3 days seminar, where a process of maturation and unfolding of each project will take place, during the days 8th-10th of June.
The artists will be given a tour around North Jutland to experience the landscape and seek out sites wanted for their project.
Contractual negotiations with each winner on further budgeting and realization planning of each project.
June 2015-December 2016
Realization phase of the projects + catalogue documentation of the whole LAND-SHAPE project.
1st-10th of June 2015
For a 10 days stay, accommodation, meals and local transport from Aalborg will be provided. Apart from winners, other artists will participate in the week long festival, where collaboration activities will be the foundation for an annual land art festival.

LAND-SHAPE will further invite high profiled land artists to submit works for the project, who will not be subject to the jury.

At the festival there is an additional opportunity of winning the LAND-SHAPE Festival Prize of: 50,000,- DKK/€6,700 or the LAND-SHAPE Public choice of 25,000,- DKK/€3,300.

With this submission the artist obligates to participate at the LAND-SHAPE land art festival if selected by the jury, and is expected to present their project at the festival. A presentation can have the form of a workshop, and ongoing building of a model of the work, on-site experiments with structure and material. Being at the festival can therefore form a crucial step of development for the piece submitted.

At the seminar individual project planning and budgets will be developed in collaboration with the LAND- SHAPE office. LAND-SHAPE will then try to help the artists finding suitable locations, getting the needed permissions, matching with assistance etc. For any artist who would like an extended stay in Denmark prior to or after the invited days please contact the LAND-SHAPE office for possibilities of residence agreements locally.

During realizing of a given land art piece, Land-SHAPE will seek to provide food and lodging for the artist, depending on the estimated production period. Futhermore LAND-SHAPE will seek to provide needed studio space, equipment etc.

Economy and budgeting of proposals

It is mandatory to send a budget with the submission to give an over all idea of the cost, time, materials etc of the piece. Local funding, sponsorships and funding from the cultural agreement will be negotiated individually during the stay in Denmark in June 2015.

LAND-SHAPE holds the rights to further negotiate the terms of agreement contracted during the stay in Denmark in June 2015. Furthermore LAND-SHAPE holds the right to cancel a proposal if the budget is not considered realistic. The organizers of LAND-SHAPE reserve the right to determine which projects that can be realized within available funding. LAND-SHAPE takes no responsibility for funding or realization of submissions without a contract.

The following terms must be accepted. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in the artist forfeiting any subsidy or prize owed to them by LAND-SHAPE and may result in the artists work being excluded from the LAND-SHAPE project.

  1. The artist agrees not to issue press releases without the written consent of the LAND-SHAPE office
  2. All directions/requests from council officers, police department or other public authorities and the LAND-SHAPE staff must be complied with.
  3. LAND-SHAPE holds the right to reproduce images of the proposals for pre-selection and any image of the land art pieces for the catalogue, any other publication, publicity, advertisement in any manner connected with LAND-SHAPE activities.
  4. If the artist wishes to use images of the artists work for promotional purposes including websites, opening invitations etc, please notify us, credit LAND-SHAPE and establish a hyperlink to our official website:
  5. In the case of long-lived art pieces, artists will be required to provide maintenance recommendations for their land artwork.
  6. The terms of agreement given here apply into the future and are therefore not limited to the period2013-2016.

Submission guidelines

The Call is open to all artists or groups and professionals from any country. Selected works will be published in a final LAND-SHAPE catalogue in 2016.

Submission is free

More than one proposal is allowed per artist. From the submission it must be clear whether the artist is a person or a group, and a contact person must be chosen.

All types of land art in all materials are eligible. Land art is often large scale and there is no given limit to size. Ephemeral works are welcome as well as long-lived land art installations. However, when submitting works, the artists are required to consider safety, environment and surrounding natural conditions such as wind, rain, cold and possible interaction with children, wild life etc. Works considered unsafe or polluting will be ineligible.

Prospecting participants must include the following in their submission
  1. Sketches photographs, that creates a full visual outline of the piece oploaded in jpg 300 dpi. Max 6 files can be uploaded.
  2. Written outline and Artist statement(in English) of the idea and concept of the work. Including scale and materials, plus a timeline and thoughts on how the festival will be used to further develop and present the idea. pdf/word. A short written presentation of the artist: practice, motivation and experience within the field of Land Art.
  3. CV
  4. Budget: It’s crucial for the possibility for later realization of the proposals, that the artists can describe their land art piece as precise as possible in terms of scale, materials, artist fee, equipment, assistance, stay in DK etc. as a guideline for LAND-SHAPE to develop an overall budget of the 10 winning proposals.
  5. All figures must be given in DKK or EURO.

Artists are very welcome to submit photos of a suggested site in North Jutland if possible. For artists unfamiliar with North Jutland the LAND-SHAPE will help guiding to possible sites if notified about a special type of site/nature/landscape etc.

If the artist need to ship materials, art pieces before the visit to Denmark an agreement will have to be made in advance with LAND-SHAPE. Basically LAND-SHAPE aims to provide the artists with materials from North Jutland as far as possible in relation to a given budget. Individual contracts on this point must be made in advance during the period December 2014-May 2015.

Installation work on the festival site will take place 1st-3rd af June 2015. At the festival days the 4th-7th it is possible to experiment/build/finish a conceptual piece which can later be removed and maybe exhibited as a branding of the proposed land art piece for a site in North Jutland. All proposing artists, also non-winners, will have an opportunity to participate in the 1st LAND-SHAPE’s land art festival, June 2015.

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