LabCyberspace Projects 2007

Laboral Art and Industrial Creation Centre OPEN INTERNATIONAL INVITATIONEXHIBITION OF LABCYBERSPACES PROJECTS – CyBERSPACe as universal meeting place

3000 euro per chosen project

Laboral Art and Industrial Creation Centre, a new creative space located in Gijón, Principality of Asturias, Spain, is making an open invitation for projects for its upcoming LABCYBERSPACES exhibition, part of its inaugural programme.

The goal of the invitation is to foster an open reflection on the connections between art, technology and industry, and to then materialise this reflection in the LABCYBERSPACES exhibition scheduled for spring 2007. The selection will feature 10 projects effectively addressing the technological nature of the artwork in its most open conception, with a special focus on all those engaging in the notion of CYBERSPACE as a universal meeting point.

Given that the goal is to encourage a common and open reflection, we have chosen the format of an open invitation to guarantee the widest possible participation. The LABCYBERSPACES exhibition aims to be a meeting point for the community.

All entries submitted by an artist or group, significantly involving technology and the use of Internet will be accepted for consideration. A total of 3000 euro will be paid as fees and exhibition rights for each of ten the projects eventually chosen.

The inscription form will be available as from 1st December 2006 at

For any additional information or queries on LABCYBERSPACES, contact:

ABOUT Laboral, Art and Industrial Creation Centre
Laboral, Art and Industrial Creation Centre, is a newly created art centre located in Gijon, in the Principality of Asturias, Spain. The centre will undertake, from an ongoing rigorous focus, the tasks of production, research and dissemination of stable projects developed around the many meeting points existing between creation, science and technology, and which are the groundbase of the work and reflection of a large number of artist, theorists and researchers. Asturias’ industrial tradition, taken together with the innovative creativity developed here, have turned this Spanish region into a particularly appropriate place for a centre dealing with the above-mentioned goals. The very name of the centre reflects the explicit determination to fulfil that goal through a direct connection of the most innovative aspects of industry with, normally distant and removed, locations of art creation.

This determination is at the origin of the project for the rehabilitation of 13,500 square metres of the former Universidad Laboral of Gijon, an initiative set in motion by the Government of the Principality of Asturias and that is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2006. The investment will provide the Laboral, Art and Industrial Creation Centre with the perfect space to implement the tasks of production, dissemination, training and professional encounters at the intersection of art and technology.

Projects Office

With this open invitation Laboral Art and Industrial Creation Centre kick starts its Projects Office. This office will be making regular open invitations for specific projects, while remaining permanently receptive to all kinds of proposals which will be evaluated for possible production at the centre. The mission of the Projects Office is to foster and support art production engaged with new technologies.

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