Kunsthalle Exnergasse call for exhibition proposals 2007


The Kunsthalle Exnergasse in the WUK Werkstaetten - und Kulturhaus [House of Artwork and Culture] in Vienna defines itself as an open platform and exhibition space for the presentation and realization of projects belonging to innovative, experimental and contemporary art in its most different formats and forms. The Kunsthalle Exnergasse is not commercially oriented and has regarded itself from the beginning as a place dedicated particularly to the artist and the artists' needs. Corresponding exhibition programmes are decided upon by an Advisory Panel in cooperation with the manager of the Kunsthalle Exnergassse whereby process oriented group projects are preferred. Interdisciplinary events are held within the programme of exhibitions in the 400 square meter space, such as symposiums, lectures, readings, concerts and catalogue presentations. Kunsthalle Exnergasse invites you to submit exhibition proposals for the year 2007.

Application and Review Process (2 Steps):

STEP 1: Open Call for project proposals.
Application deadline: Wednesday, March 1, 2006 (postage stamp)
You can send your application preferably per email or regular mail.
Email to: exhibition.proposal@wuk.at Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Waehringer Strasse 59, A-1090 Vienna, Austria
To evaluate the proposals we would need: concept (500 words), name and a short CV of person/curator submitting the project and names of the people who participate in this project. Give us the most information you can, but since there is a word limit, try to be brief and concise in your descriptions and arguments. Note: do not send catalogues, DVDs, brochures or folders. These extra materials will not be considered in Step 1. Kunsthalle Exnergasse and an Advisory Panel will review the applications and select a short list of up to 30 project proposals. Please do not call or email to inquire about results.

STEP 2: These pre-selected projects will be invited to submit a more developed proposal including additional material like catalogues, DVDs, videotapes and short CVs of people participating in this project. Kunsthalle Exnergasse and an Advisory Panel will then make the final selection of 5 -7 projects. The selected projects will be presented at Kunsthalle Exnergasse in 2007.All projects in Step 2 will be informed about the results via email.

The facilities at Kunsthalle Exnergasse are:
400 m2 space, mobile wall elements which function as flexible room and presentation structures, free budget of € 1.500 (for trips, housing and material), one technician for every exhibition (40 hours) for setting up and taking down of the exhibition, various technical devices, printing and mailing of 4000 invitation cards, press work, mailing and website, photo documentation.

Kunsthalle Exnergasse supports additional project financing attempts by the person/curator submitting the project.
If you are interested, we encourage you to submit a proposal and also to inform other people, groups and organizations about this option. For more information on applications to exhibit, see www.kunsthalle.wuk.at/4e/frame.htm

Waehringer Strasse 59, A-1090 Wien
Tel. +43-1-40121-42, Fax -67
mail: klaus.schafler@wuk.at
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