ISEA2006- call for proposals

ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge


This is an invitation by the ISEA2006 Symposium and ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge to groups and individuals to submit proposals for exhibition of interactive artworks and projects reflecting on the thematic of Community Domain. Up to three commissions will be awarded, and the results will be shown at the ISEA2006 Symposium and ZeroOne San Jose Festival.


The 2006 edition of the internationally renowned ISEA Symposium will be held August 5-13, 2006, in San Jose, California.

The Inter-Society for Electronic Arts (ISEA) is an international non-profit organization fostering interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange among culturally diverse organizations and individuals working with art, science and emerging technologies. Prior host cities include Helsinki, Paris, Sydney, Montreal, Chicago, Manchester and Nagoya.

ZeroOne San Jose is a milestone festival to be held biennially that makes accessible the work of the most innovative contemporary artists in the world. In 2006 it will be held in conjunction with the ISEA2006 Symposium.

See for more information about the Festival and Symposium.


Over the next year leading up to August 2006, individuals or groups will be commissioned to work with various San Jose communities combining technologies such as GPS, mobile communications or digital imagery to map their experiences and to tell their stories. These experiences and stories will become part of the fabric of the festival. In this way, the Festival becomes not only a glimpse of the possibilities of art and technology, but using some of those same innovative technologies, it is a celebration of the diversity found in San Jose and a platform for community members to participate.

A wide range of cultural contexts, media, art disciplines and venues are feasible within the definition of “Community Domain”. See for more about the theme.

San Jose has a very diverse and hybrid population. , and we are particularly interested in projects that traverse different communities.

Three commissions will be offered for projects related to the Community Domain theme: one at a level of $25,000 and two at the level of $5,000.

Proposals may be submitted by individuals or groups: professional artistic credentials and advanced forms of technology are not required. The proposal narrative should be no more than three pages in length and should cover five topics:

Description of the project: What are the characteristics of the project? In what ways will the project connect to the theme of Community Domain?

Audience: In what fashion will an audience be engaged in this project? In what ways will the project seek to engage audience members of varying cultural backgrounds?

Technology: What types of technology will be incorporated into the project?

Personnel: Please identify the key individuals/groups involved in this project, and their qualifications.

Budget: Please provide a brief explanation of how funds will be used to support this project.

Special Considerations

Projects will be welcome in a variety of traditional or new forms of art, media and physical environments. For example, projects in formal theater or exhibition settings or informal community or outdoor settings will be appropriate. All art forms are welcome including literary, performing, visual, media and multidisciplinary. Appropriate forms of technology include, but are not limited to, mobile communications, Worldwide Web, recorded audio or video, film, robotics and digital imagery.

Projects involving teams and collaboration are encouraged.

All projects should incorporate an element of “shared space” that will be accessible to persons of varied backgrounds.

Preference will be given to projects involving artists and other personnel having significant familiarity with the communities and cultures of San Jose and Silicon Valley.


Proposals must be submitted by August 1, 2005. Proposals will only be accepted online at All proposals will be reviewed by a panel of distinguished authorities on culture, art, technology, and community. Final awards will be announced by September 1, 2005. All awards are subject to ZeroOne San Jose’s fundraising efforts.


Questions regarding this call for proposals can be addressed to


There will be a subsequent call, beginning September 1, 2005, for existing projects related to the Community Domain theme that do not, necessarily, focus on San Jose / Silicon Valley.

Steve Dietz
Director, ZeroOne: The Network Director, ISEA2006 Symposium + ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge : August 5-13, 2006
AIM: WebWalkAbout

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