International Arte Laguna Prize: V Edition

Call for applications: Painting, Sculpture, Photographic Art, Videoart, Performance

The International Prize Arte Laguna starts the new edition with the goal to promote young contemporary art. Remaining consistent to the original purposes of its two creators, Laura Gallon and Beatrice Susa, Arte Laguna Prize continues its course as “incubator of Italian and international young art”, with the will to discover new talent, to support emerging artists in promoting their creativity and to develop their careers.

Continuing the path opened in 2006, the Prize, organized by the Cultural Association MoCA and Arte Laguna, highlights the peculiar ability to innovate and renew itself. It gained importance an value in a few years in the contemporary art system and it achieved a great success in the 2009 edition, with 5,500 participants from more than 90 different countries, and almost 5,000 visitors for the main exhibition of the 180 Prize finalists, which was successfully completed in Venice on 31st March. This collective exhibition was the first of a series of events involving most of the finalists in personal and group exhibitions organized by galleries and partners held in Italy and abroad during all the 2010.

The next edition of the Prize is enriched with two new sections – Video Art and Performing Art – which are additional to those established: Painting, Sculpture and Photographic Art.

The final exhibition – which displays the 110 finalists selected by judges – is scheduled in March 2011, involving again the prestigious venue of the Arsenal of Venice.

In particular, the Prize presents three main innovations.

The first one is represented by a special prize, the Press award, whose jury is composed of seven journalists from the art field:

  • Daniele Capra
  • Elisa Delle Noci
  • Lorella Pagnucco Salvemini
  • Cristiano Seganfreddo
  • Chiara Somajni
  • Gloria Vallese
  • Maurizio Zuccari

The second one is the Special Prize “Artist in Residence”, assigned to the artists choosen between finalist ones and it provides three artist’s residencies with the specific intent to promote and encourage the creativity of young artists.

Finally, there is the Special Prize “Tina B”, in collaboration with the same festival in Prague, dedicated to performance.

Moreover the Special Prize “Open Arte Communication” that offers the partecipation to the XIV edition of the International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations that will take place in Lide of Venice during the Venice International Film Festival.

Also for its fifth edition, the Prize offers Special Prizes in collaboration with the Galleries Partners, a network of more than 30 Italian and foreign galleries, that host personal exhibitions for the selected artists among the finalist ones.

Moreover the Prize can start new and unexpected synergies between the contemporary art world and the companies through the Special Prize “Business for Art”. In this new edition it will start a new collaboration with RE-IL enterprise, in the real estate field, that offers the Special Prize “Reil for young talents”, a stay in Brazil for one artist that will work in a resort for making it an unique artistic space.

Deadline: 16/11/10 – mailing deadline, 10/12/10 – online deadline

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