interfilm berlin 2008

24rd International Short Film Festival Berlin

More than 400 films will be shown during the six days of the festival and an estimated 100 films will be nominated to compete in several competitions giving prizes worth 40.000,- (60.000,- US$). International juries will award the ‘interfilm Short Awards’ in the following categories:

  • International Competition
  • Documentary Competition
  • Confrontations – against Violence and Intolerance
  • German Competition
  • Children & Youth Film Competition
  • Eject ‘The Long Night of the Unexpected’

Apart from the competitions, the festival includes a special Focus on Russia and Mexico. Additionally we present historical programmes, animations, experimentals, music clips, commercials, documentary films and computer animation. We offer a film market and organize thematically related seminars, panels and parties.

The completed entry form and preview video / DVD, must reach interfilm Berlin by July 13rd, 2007. Please use a separate entry form for each film submitted (the form may be copied). All sections of the form are to be completed and every form must be signed. Stills (photos) from the film should also be enclosed.

Films and videos submitted will automatically be considered for all suitable categories as well as for the special programs and the film market.

Film copies are insured for their print value for the duration of the festival. Compensation claims must be made within 10 days after the film has been returned. All deliveries to and from the festival are at the risk of the sender. Court jurisdiction is in Berlin.

The costs of sending viewing tapes & screening copies to the interfilm Festival are to be paid for by the sender. This also applies to film copies sent on from other festivals, in which case the applying parties must make the appropriate arrangements with the relevant festivals.

All prints and video tapes from non-EU member states must be clearly marked with a customs declaration stating the following: “For cultural purposes only. No commercial value.” Parcels from non-EU member states must also be accompanied by an invoice stating a value of no more than 10 Euro (under no circumstances should higher production costs be given). Costs arising from incorrect declarations will be charged to the account of the sender.

Only the following film and video formats will be accepted for screening purposes – Film:16 & 35 mm. Video: Betacam (SP) PAL. If the original version of the film or video is in a language other than English or German, then the film must be subtitled in English. Exceptions may be made in certain cases. Those parties applying to the festival should only do so when they can guarantee that a screening copy of the film is available for the duration of the interfilm Festival. The screening copy must arrive no later than ten days before the festival begins.

Films & videos for competition may be no longer than 20 minutes. Exceptions may be made in certain cases.

No film may be withdrawn from the Festival program.

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