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Nico Carpentier will be present for the duration of the Iconoclastic Controversies exhibition to discuss and explain with the visitors his research on the statues and commemoration sites in the southern regions of Cyprus. Carpentier’s research on the country’s historical sites is part of his research interest in dominant and alternative discourses in relation to conflict and war that structure political realities. Previous research on these matters has been carried out in Belgium, the Czech Republic, France and other European countries. Simultaneously, he has been looking into alternative ways of communicating research, using mixtures of textual and visual languages to convey academic analyses.

The outcomes are not necessarily all obvious and it is those unexpected ones which will help in the development of our collective memory. The exhibition consists of twenty selected photographs from an archive of 700 and eight sound recordings.


  • Venue: NeMe Arts Centre, Limassol, Cyprus
    • Duration: 23/1-6/2/2016
    • Opening Times
      • Tuesday-Friday: 17:30-20:30
      • Saturday: 10:00-13:00

Nico Carpentier biography

Dr. habil. Nico Carpentier is Professor at the Department of Informatics and Media of Uppsala University. In addition, he holds two part-time positions, those of Associate Professor at the Communication Studies Department of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB – Free University of Brussels) and Docent at Charles University in Prague. Moreover, he is a Research Fellow at Loughborough University and the Cyprus University of Technology. He is also an executive board member of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) and he was vice-president of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) from 2008 to 2012.

His theoretical focus is on discourse theory, his research interests are situated in the relationship between communication, politics and culture, especially towards social domains as war & conflict, ideology, participation and democracy. This has been translated into the following five topical areas of research: 1/Media, participation and democracy; 2/Media, death and war; 3/Journalism and identity; 4/Audience and reception; 5/Discourse theory.

His publications include many articles in academic journals and the following books:

  • Media and citizens on the same wavelength. Journalism enhancing civil participation (2002, in Dutch & French, co-authored with Grevisse Benoît and Harzimont MichaĆ«l);
  • Media in movement, 22 journalistic experiments to enhance citizen participation (2004, in Dutch & French, co-authored with Grevisse Benoît);
  • The ungraspable audience (eds.)(2004, combined Dutch & English);
  • Towards a Sustainable Information Society. Deconstructing WSIS (eds.) (2005);
  • Researching media, democracy and participation (eds.) (2006);
  • Reclaiming the media: communication rights and democratic media roles (eds.) (2007);
  • Culture, Trauma & Conflict. Cultural studies perspectives on contemporary war (ed.) (2007);
  • Alternatives on media content journalism, and regulation. The grassroots discussion panels at the 2007 ICA Conference (eds.) (2007);
  • Understanding Alternative media (co-authored with Olga Bailey and Bart Cammaerts) (2007);
  • Media technologies and democracy in an enlarged Europe (eds.) (2007);
  • Participation and media production. Critical reflections on content creation (eds.) (2008);
  • Discourse Theory and Cultural Analysis. Media, Arts and Literature (eds.) (2008);
  • Democracy, journalism and technology (eds.) (2008);
  • Communicative approaches to politics and ethics in Europe (eds.) (2009);
  • Trans-reality television. The transgression of reality, genre, politics and audience (eds.) (2010);
  • Media and Participation. A Site of Ideological-Democratic Struggle (2011);
  • Audience Transformations (ed.) (2014);
  • Social engagement, civil society and online media (in Dutch and French) (2014);
  • Media Practice and Everyday Agency in Europe (eds.)(2014);
  • The Social Construction of Death (eds.) (2014).

A new publication is the second (revised) edition of Culture, Trauma & Conflict. Cultural studies perspectives on contemporary war (ed.)(2015).

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