Holland Animation Film Festival 2006


Utrecht, The Netherlands
Event dates: 1 – 5 November 2006

Competition for independent animation and competition for independent animation
The festival aims at bringing high-quality animation film to the attention of an adult audience, as well as stimulating screening of these films in cinemas and on television. Furthermore the festival wants to bring independent and commissioned animated films to the attention of the business world. The festival plans to achieve this goal by screening different types of animation, by organizing a competition for applied as well as for independent animation and raising publicity for the medium.

Competition for applied animation

a During the festival a competition will be held for applied animation. Applied animation should be understood in the widest sense: announcements, titles, educational and information films, music videos, use of tricks or special effects in films and commercials effected by a technique other than live action.

b In the following four categories a prize will be presented:

  • publicity and promotional films;
  • music videos;
  • educational and information films;
  • station calls and film leaders.

Also a prize will be awarded for the best campaign (a series of publicity and promotional films, educational and information films, station calls and film leaders).

Besides, a Grand Prix will be presented to the best film or video selected from these categories.

c The prizes will be handed to the director(s).

d The nominated and the winning films of the applied animation competition will be compiled onto a show reel, to be released after the festival.

Participants in the competition give permission for release of the show reel.

After contact with the producer a fragment up to 10 seconds maximum of the Grand Prix winners will be placed on the Holland Animation Film Festival site.

Competition for independent animation

a Besides the competition for applied animation the Holland Animation Film Festival organizes an international competition for independent animation films. For these films a special entry form has to be filled out.

b The maximum length of the films in competition is 35 minutes, unless the organisation decides differently.

c In the following two categories a Grand Prix will be presented:

  • narrative films
  • non-narrative films

d The prizes will be handed to the director(s).

>How to enter

a The entered films must have had the premičre after the 1st of July 2004.

b The number of entries is unlimited. However, for every entry a separate entry form must be completed.

c Incorrectly completed entries can be excluded from participation.

d Only Holland Animation Film Festival 2006 entry forms will be accepted for the 2006 edition of the festival.

e In case of non-English information films and commercials, a list of dialogue in English must be added.

f Standard for screening during the festival will be films on 35 and 16mm, and videotapes of the system Betacam-SP (PAL or NTSC), both picture and sound on the same support.

Selected entries on video are compiled onto one Betacam-SP per programme. Because of the quality please be advised to send in your entry on Betacam-SP PAL.

g The standard norm for selection are VHS videotapes (PAL or NTSC) and DVD only.

Deadline: 01/07/06


Holland Animation Film Festival Foundation
Competition independent animation
Hoogt 4
3512 GW Utrecht
The Netherlands
phone: +31 30 2331733
fax: +31 30 2331079

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