Calling all hackers, makers, doers, data nerds, hobbyists, artists, citizen scientists, tech geeks, activists, edgy engineers and DIY urban planners…

Science Gallery is seeking proposals for its 2012 flagship exhibition HACK THE CITY launching in June 2012. HACK THE CITY is curated by Teresa Dillon – Lead Curator/Researcher & artist, Linda Doyle – Director of CTVR, Josh Klein – TED Speaker and author of Hacking Work, Martin Kelly – IBM Venture Capital Group and Michael John Gorman – Director of Science Gallery.

Currently more than half of the world’s population lives in towns and cities. This trend is expected to continue. Between 2025-2030 of the approximate 8 billion people who will live in the world 5 billion will live in cities. Yet the majority of our city infrastructures are based on inherited historical layouts and systems.

Science Gallery’s 2012 flagship exhibition and festival HACK THE CITY will rethink our cities from the ground up through the spirit and philosophy of the hacker ethos – to bend, mash-up, tweak and cannibalise our city systems, to create possibilities, illustrate visionary thinking and demonstrate real-world examples for sustainable urban futures. It will capitalize on Dublin city’s history, legacy, population and infrastructure, transforming the city itself into a nimble “playground” and live urban hack lab.

The exhibition and events will explore hacking for good – the repurposing of useful resources, the innovators who customise existing tools for new uses and who purposefully challenge existing hierarchies. What creative ways can we release untapped resources, harnessing what maybe considered as by-products or waste, to create alternative systems for public good?

HACK THE CITY is Science Gallery’s major international exhibition and festival for 2012 and a flagship programme of Dublin City of Science. We are interested in receiving proposals for experiments, exhibits and events, which go beyond Science Gallery in to the city of Dublin and even connect multiple cities globally. Potential venue partnerships include The Ark, Temple Bar, Dublin and international partnerships with ZER01 in San Jose, California.

Working with our international partners and local councils we will be creating city zones, which will test potential new technologies, creating situations for energy visualization, play, social networking and communications.

As a centrepiece in Dublin’s tenure as European City of Science 2012, we are especially interested in submissions which utilise Dublin’s position, geography and demographic – as the capital of a small island, on the periphery of Europe, struggling to recover from a post-economic boom and the European home for a number of key multinational tech companies (IBM, Google, Facebook), innovators and entrepreneurs. Drawing on this vibrant community we encourage novel approaches to social and commercial ideas, which can be piloted and prototyped during HACK THE CITY.

The exhibition will include existing and proposed works, innovations and inventions around the theme of HACK THE CITY. The exhibition will extend beyond the gallery through workshops, labs, events and off-site projects with Science Gallery becoming a hub connecting difference city zones to mobile and online worlds.

Alongside artworks, designed objects and documentary artefacts, HACK THE CITY will encourage thinking differently about how we set up new business products and services, which address our urban demands, plus include special live performances, innovative installations, unique physical and mental experiences, high-profile talks, discussions and debates, web-focused interactions, games and collaborative experiences.


We welcome projects that come with external funding. The maximum amount of budgetary support available for each approved application is €5,000. Each project must be delivered within this maximum production budget, which should include all fees, materials, shipping and travel costs as well as any other cost that may arise from participation in Hack the City. Please note that the production budget available for event-based proposals is significantly less and support will be given on a case-by-case basis.

Submitting your Proposal

Thanks for your interest in submitting a proposal for HACK THE CITY. Please see some details below on how to submit your proposal. If you have any problems or questions with this process please email help@sciencegallery.com

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