Furtherfield invites proposals for exploratory net art


Furtherfield invites proposals for exploratory net art, digital art and web-based, creative projects to be featured on Furtherfield. We are especially interested in network related projects that explore new social contexts that transcends the digital, or offer a subjective voice that communicates beyond the medium. Featured works can be either hosted or linked. If you think that your work may be suitable for inclusion on Furtherfield please fill in the form below with your ideas, proposals, projects and material for inclusion on this site.

What happens if your work is featured on Furtherfield?

Reviews and Publicity
If we feature your work, it will appear on the Furtherfield homepage with a review by one of the Furtherfield team. The work will then be publicised on a range of email lists.

Your personal ID-card on Furtherfield
We will set up a personal ID-card for you on Furtherfield. This will display your email address, a link to your CV, a biog/ personal statement and URLs of websites displaying your work. View other artists profiles. Once your work is added to our database, we will provide you with a Username and Password that will allow you to update your own ID-card with any additional information about yourself and current projects. When you update your ID-card new projects will automatically be displayed in the Public Broadcast window on the homepage.

Need help realising a creative networked project?
If you have a project that you would like to develop but are unsure about the technical aspects of its realisation, we may be able to help you to devise a web solution or, with smaller scale projects, we may be able to produce them for you. Please use our contact form for queries of this nature.

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