Festival of Regions 2011


Since 1993, every two years the festival has been reconnoitering and conquering a region or a locality in Upper Austria. Away from the metropolises and cultural centers, a program offering contemporary art and culture for the residents of the chosen region is shaped and communicated. Apart from the nationwide and international participation of those working in the areas of art and culture, co-operative projects with local associations, institutions and individuals are aimed for in order to anchor the festival in the region and leave behind traces.

Apart from reinforcing and furthering regional initiatives in the field of cultural work, the festival’s objectives include enhancing sensibility for current-day developments in art. Aspects of communication, of trans-cultural dialogue and connecting everyday culture to art are aims of the Festival of Regions. Above all, however, a large 10-day festival is to be celebrated at which the components of humour, incisiveness, artistic substance and cultural co-existence will provide the spice.

The 2011 festival location, Attnang-Puchheim, is generally known as a railway station between Linz and Salzburg for changing trains on the western line, an otherwise forbidding place unattractive from an urban point of view. Following the structure of the town, a central festival area will be on the U-shaped Town Hall Square and on the railway’s grounds. The public space will function as an inviting place of arrival and as a space for artistic actions with installations and performances. Radiating from this centre, the program will expand into the nearby environs.

To change over means to change one’s direction, to keep moving, to investigate new worlds of ideas, to travel along for a while to unknown places together with unknown passengers. The philosopher, Friedrich Hegel, thinks of the art work as a “dialogue that goes beyond the particularity of the times, regions and cultures”. The festival would like to adopt such a dialogue as a motto and find a light balance between aesthetic action and social action.

Call for project proposals

Project proposals from all artistic disciplines and genres are welcome. Art in public space and site-specific works will be a focus because of the locality’s structure. The festival is open, however, for ideas and proposals from all areas.

Components of project proposals

  1. Short summary of the project (maximum 500 characters)
  2. Description of the project with expressive visualization in the form of sketches, photos, plans, ideas about communication, etc.
  3. Site for realization or spatial/situational requirements
  4. Presentation of the project authors themselves and/or the main actors
  5. Organizational requirements
  6. Time schedule for development and realization
  7. Financial plan
  8. Address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, website

Submissions with a maximum length of seven pages can be made in either German or English.

Selection procedure

The board and management of the Festival of Regions will make a preselection with the support of an independent program advisory committee of nationwide composition. From the selected projects the artistic director will shape the festival program. All decisions about the program will be made excluding any right to litigation.


The Festival of Regions is an independent association subsidized by the State of Upper Austria, the Federal Ministry for Education, Art and Culture, and the City of Linz. The 2011 edition will be supported in addition by the Municipality of Attnang-Puchheim and the Austrian Railways.

The association’s board is composed of Susanne Blaimschein, curator and exhibition organizer, Dagmar Höss, artist, curator and art communicator and Gerald Priewasser, artist and designer. Artistic director: Gottfried Hattinger, Business director: Barbara Mitterlehner, Communication and production: Thomas Kreiseder.

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