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The objective of the Faena Arts Center is to provide a space for the most cutting-edge expressions in contemporary art through a program of exhibitions with a strong interdisciplinary focus.

We believe that the boldest of today’s art can be found along the borders where traditional disciplines come together: the lines where the visual arts merge with design, architecture, new technologies, fashion and literature.

The center operates in what was once an old grain mill, an impressive space whose nourishing aspects we have worked to recover, only this time, from the perspective of culture. Given the features of this building – a space like no other in Argentina, thanks to its size and style – we aim to bring together artists, designers and filmmakers from both Argentina and abroad to create site-specific works that not only interact with the monumental architecture of the old mill but also explore the cultural and urban conditions of our surroundings.

Concept of the Faena Prize for the Arts

This edition of the Faena Prize for the Arts is reserved for site-specific projects, that is, projects especially conceived for the physical and symbolic space of our new exhibition room.

The call is for new projects in different artistic fields and/or interdisciplinary projects (installations, performances, paintings, sculptures, photographs, works that include design and architecture, film or video pieces, and all hybrids of the aforementioned disciplines) that clearly reflect on the space of the Faena Arts Center, respond to the center and/or occupy the center’s space in a significant way.

This Prize is a chance for applicants to produce large-sized pieces, but neither size nor scale is a requisite for winning the prize.

Performance or theater pieces that involve “performances” will be considered, provided that they also include a permanent exhibition.


All individuals over the age of 18 can participate in the Competition, including young artists, artists with an established career and well-known artists (the “Applicants”).

Both individuals and art collectives can apply. Each art collective can present one project. The artists who are part of an art collective that presents a project can also present their own individual project.


To enter the Competitions, the Applicants must enter the Faena Art Center website.

The Applicants must fill in the following information (the “Personal Information”) on the entry form:

  1. Individuals:
    • First name;
    • Last name;
    • National identity card or passport number;
    • E-mail;
    • Telephone.
  2. Art collectives or Groups:
    • Name of the collective or group,
    • First name, last name and national identity card or passport number of all members who will participate in the project,
    • e-mail;
    • Telephone.

In order to ensure uniformity among the project entries and the quality of the submitted images, Applicants will receive two file models in PDF to complete with their entry:

  1. Project must include:
    1. A written description of the project and its conceptual development that cannot exceed one page (size A4).
    2. A maximum of 12 sketches, plans, renders, photographs or digital images that give an accurate idea of the final image of the work within the space of the exhibition room. At least two images (size A4, color at 300DPI) must be submitted, plus all additional material the applicant considers necessary in size A6, color at 300DPI.
    3. Description of the materials and techniques to be used in constructing the project.
    4. In order to assess the feasibility of the project in terms of its cost and timeframe, applicants must include an estimated production budget and schedule.
      • The final file to present is in PDF (A4 horizontal). This file should include all the material referred to in Sections 1.1-1.4. There is no page limit in order to all Applicants to include all the necessary material.
  2. Portfolio: In order to assess the relationship between the presented work and the artist’s previous work, applicants must submit a portfolio with:
    1. A maximum of 15 images that provide an overview of the artist’s career.
    2. A curriculum vitae (of the individual artist, the artists participating in the collective or of the group of artists who will participate in the project).
      • The final file to present is in PDF (A4 horizontal). This file should include all the material referred to in Sections 2.1-2.2 and there is no page limit in order for all Applicants to include all the necessary material.

The portfolios will only be consulted during the jury’s initial selection of the winner and special mentions.

The two PDF files (1. Project/2. Portfolio) must be uploaded to the before mentioned website when the online entry form is completed. The entry is not complete until the filled in form is sent with the two attached files.
Applicants will receive an e-mail confirmation with their entry number. To ensure the anonymity of the projects, the entry number will be used to identify the PDFs sent by the Applicants. The entry number will also be used for the corresponding portfolio and entry form.


The Prizes and Mentions of this Competition are as followings:

  • US$25,000 for the Winner and a maximum production budget of US$50,000 (the “Prize”).
  • US$500 for each of the artists selected for the Special Mentions (the “Special Mention”).
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