Espace Vidéographe's 2009-2010

Espace Videographe, the programming division of Videographe, invites artists, curators, art centres and galleries to submit proposals for video art programs and media-arts exhibitions.

Every year Espace Videographe presents seven activities in different venues, and in partnership with other cultural organizations. Since its founding in 1998, Espace Videographe has been devoted to promoting and exhibiting video art in its various forms and through its relationships with other artistic disciplines.

Projects can be submitted once a year and are reviewed by a committee of peers. We welcome proposals from emerging curators and artists as well as established ones. We encourage proposals that provoke thought on the language of video and its modes of representation, encourage debate, and promote exchanges between different media-arts practices and between local and international production.

Another open call will be launched next August specifically dedicated to a video installation project (multi-projection) by an emerging Quebec or Canadian artist (in this case, residency and exhibition). This initiative is made possible with the precious collaboration of Videographe Production.


  • Project description
  • Artistic statement
  • List of works to be programmed
  • List of technical resources (equipment) supplied by applicants
  • List of technical requirements for exhibition
  • CVs for applicants
  • Visual, Sound or Web Documentation with descriptive list of works
    (accepted formats:VHS, DVD, miniDV, NTSC and PAL;CD-ROM, DVD-ROM)
  • List of the project’s venues if applicable
  • Press kit if available
  • Self-addressed stamped envelope

Please note that projects submitted previously may not be resubmitted unless the artist is invited to do so. Programming proposals must include the bulk of the works selected, with supporting visual documentation.

Decisions will be sent to applicants in December

The proposals must be sent by post and be at our office by 5:00

Espace Videographe
Att: Sylvie Roy
6560, Esplanade Avenue, Suite 305
Montreal, Quebec, CANADA H2V 4L5

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