Electrofringe 2007


Festival of Electronic Arts and Culture.
27th September to 1st October 2007.

Electrofringe is a 5-day festival of electronic arts and culture featuring national and international artists and occurring as part of the ‘This Is Not Art’ festival in Newcastle, NSW.The festival is dedicated to unearthing emergent forms, presenting innovative work and encouraging participants to explore technology collaboratively through skills development and exchange.

Electforinge 2007 is currently calling for work for inclusion in it’s ElectroProjections screenings program. The ElectroProjections screen program showcases boundary pushing film, video, animation and documentaries that engage with new technologies, reveal elusive sub- cultures, investigate audio/visual relationships, explode narrative possibilities, explore performance on screen or apply experimental techniques.


  • works made in the last 2 years
  • works for single screen stereo
  • maximum 10 mins duration
  • ElectroFringe premiere

There is some scope for specialist one off screenings of longer works that can be screened outside of the ElectroProjections Program. Longer works can be submitted here.

Whilst there is no screening fee for inclusion in ElectroProjections, the programs are toured internationally and they are an excellent opportunity for your work to be seen widely.

To submit a screen work for inclusion in the ElectroProjections screenings program please send DVD&8217;s and submissions to:

Unit 7 / 345 Marrickville Road
Marrickville NSW 2204

Submissions MUST include:

  • 1 x copy self playing DVD-PAL (labelled with Name and Title)
  • 1 x copy high quality of film/video burnt as PAL DV .avi file to DVD or CD (labelled with Name and Title)
  • A text file on DVD or CD including the following:

Website URL
Biography (50 words or less)
Title of Film/Video
Year Completed
Film description (200 words or less)
Film/Video Specs (eg animated paper cuts, Super 8, Mined)

All DVD&8217;s and CD&8217;s should be labelled with applicant name and Title of work.

Also please send an email to ef07screenworks[at]electrofringe.net including the details listed above (this assists us in organising our programming).

We will contact you if we require any further information.

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