EHMN aims to produce and distribute creative documentaries linked to the European identity, made by new media artists from different European countries using video documents coming from family sources and/or home movie archives.

For a non-academic vision of European history The richness and diversity of European cultures is an extremely rich heritage for the creation of a European goal for the construction of a “Peoples’ Europe”.


The competition is open to individuals or groups of multimedia artists over 18 years old residing in one of the 27 European Union Member States.

To submit an application a group must appoint a group leader who will manage the contacts with the organisation secretary’s office. The application will be associated with the Member State of the group leader.

Applications must include:

  1. Application Forms compiled electronically, dated and signed by the applicant, containing:
    • Applicant’s data.
    • Applicant’s artistic profile.
    • A description of the attachments.
  2. Attachments
    • Letters of references (optional)
    • A DVD with a significant selection of video productions in which they have participated (mandatory)


Participants in the EHMN.2010 Competition will participate in the workshop, to be held in Italy in October 2009.

The workshop themes will be:

  • Introduction to “Home Movies”, history and technology.
  • European identity and the themes to be developed.
  • Features of the video publications to be produced.
  • Presentation of the project partners and the home movies availability. Participants in the workshop will receive a refund for travel and accommodation costs.

Researching and producing the creative documentaries The theme of EHMN.2010 competition is the “European Identity”. Participants in the competition will:

  1. Independently search for the Home Movies required to develop the theme, exploring the sources they consider of greatest interest, with particular attention to the situation in their own country.
  2. Produce a creative documentary regarding the theme of the competition with the following features:
    • Duration 12 or 26 minutes
    • At least 50% composed of Home Movie sequences
    • MP2 format and Audio/video track in .AVI or .MOV
    • Separate audio track
    • Subtitles (if any) in a separate file

Expenses sustained by participants to produce the creative documentary will be refunded, upon submittal of expense receipts, up to a maximum amount of €3.000.

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