Eating project - Call for proposals

Exhibition dates: Sept. 24-Dec. 31, 2005

The Salina Art Center is seeking artistic proposals investigating, revealing, questioning and exploring the subject of Eating. The Eating project will be anchored by an exhibition of contemporary art at the Salina Art Center. Related exhibitions and projects will be the result of community collaborations with partners including, but not limited to, the local food co-operative/farmer's market, the state health department, educators, The Land Institute, the food bank and public library. If you wish, your proposal may include one of these partners. The selection committee will consider works and projects that will take place inside the Art Center galleries and outside the art museum venue in public spaces or other indoor and outdoor sites.

Please submit works in progress or suggest a project that grows from this invitation by April 1, 2005.

Organizers of this community-wide project have formulated two guiding statements regarding this project:
  • The Eating project will serve as a prism through which we view a number of social, political, personal, economic, religious, ecological, sexual, ethical and community dynamics. We hope that the project will create some lasting effects that go beyond the duration of the exhibition.
  • Projects and works may be loosely grouped into these conceptual categories: Traditions, Politics, Economy, Spirit, and Flesh.

You are invited to consider these statements and categories if they help to stimulate thinking and working, but don't feel bound by them.

  • A one-half page, typed description of your proposal. This project includes the possibility of one or more artist's residencies. If a residency is integral to your project or work, please include this in your proposal.
  • No more than 10 slides of previous work and/or of the work in progress, OR a single CD-ROM with images of work. Submit a standard VHS videotape edited or cued to an appropriate clip ONLY if your work is in the field of video.
  • A short, one-half page artist's statement regarding your body of work and/or the work you propose for the Eating project.
  • A statement of budget and technical/space requirements. (For a floor plan of the Art Center's galleries, see the website at Click the "For Artists" link.) The budget must include shipping and travel, supplies, and the cost of creating the work itself. The Salina Art Center will consider projects of up to $2,000. In-kind technical equipment and labor can be negotiated after proposals are selected.
  • A resume including selected exhibitions and projects, awards, publications, grants or fellowships, and education.

April 1 Proposals due
May 1 Projects selected
July Shipping, installation, collaboration, residency schedules established
August Publication copy, invitation finalized
Aug. 29-Sept. 24. Exhibition installation
Sept. 24-Dec. 31 Exhibition and projects

Please send materials along with a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope for return to:
Eating Project
Salina Art Center
PO Box 743
Salina, KS 67402-0743
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