DOK Leipzig 2007

Leipzig, Germany

The International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film: DOK Leipzig

World, International and European premieres are favored.
DOK Leipzig – is the largest German and one of the leading international festivals for artistic documentary and animated films.

DOK Leipzig is an annual festival for documentary and animated films. The City of Leipzig as the responsible authority has commissioned Leipziger DOK-Filmwochen GmbH, a non-profit-making limited liability company, to organise, prepare and manage the Festival. Under the motto “The HeArt of Documentary”, the Festival serves the promotion and increased circulation of international documentary and animated films and provides film-makers, producers, distributors, commissioning editors, journalists and media scientists with an opportunity to meet and exchange views with each other as well as with the Leipzig cinema audiences.1.

The Festival programme consists of

  • competitions
  • information and special programmes
  • retrospectives

The Festival management is in charge of developing the Festival concept, for selecting the films to be shown and for programming them.

DOK Leipzig has the following competitive sections:

  • international competition documentary film
  • international competition animated film
  • international young documentary talent competition
  • German competition documentary film

The 2007 competitions are open to

  • documentary films and videos of any length
  • animated films and videos of any length.

For the international competitions only those films can be selected, that have never been shown in Germany before. In the German competition documentary film world premieres are favored. Films that will have been screened on TV in Germany before the end of the festival will be disqualified.

The Festival accepts entries which can be screened as 16 or 35 mm film prints or as videos in the formats High Definition, Beta Digital PAL or Betacam SP PAL. Films selected for a competitive section will be screened in their original version; documentary films are translated simultaneously into German and English via headphones or are screened in a subtitled version in German or English.

Productions submitted to the Festival must not have been shown publicly prior to 15 July 2006. Films and videos, that have been completed prior to 15 May 2007, must be submitted by 31 May 2007. All other entries must be sent to the festival&8217;s office by 28 July 2007 (date of receipt). It is requested to send the films as soon as possible.
The film entry assumes unrestricted acceptance of the Festival regulations. By entering their film, applicants agree to the selection of their entry for one of the competitive or other Festival programmes.

The following must be submitted:

  • the official entry form (on-line and in hard copy):
    Please fill it in and send it to us on-line, then print, sign and post it to us.
  • a brief synopsis (max. 200 words)
  • a CV and a filmography of the director (with title, genre and year of production, Festivals, broadcast station)
  • a complete dialogue list with time codes in German or English (with foreign productions)
  • stills and a photo of the director (digital, 300 DPI, JPG is preferred)
  • press material (credits, electronic press kit, press book, poster etc.)
  • a DVD or VHS viewing tape.

In case of entries for the DOK Market DVDs (or 2 VHS viewing tapes) of the final version of the film in English are requested (can be submitted later). It is recommended to submit all documents in German and English.


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