Exhibition in Ginza and Koiwa, Tokyo
28th July- 18th August 2006

Curated by Emma Lewis in association with Trampoline and Ginza Art Laboratory

We constantly swim through an invisible sea of hidden reality – our environment is not formed only by our physical surroundings but of its multiplicity of insubstantial networks – constantly transmitting and receiving.
Physical geography is being transcended, psycho-geography is extended.
We are never located in just one space.
Here is not just here but also there.

‘Dislocate’ is an exhibition examining the tensions between the local and the global – the elements and identity of one local space which are simultaneously intersected by countless global links and influences.

In its indefatigable attempt to promote new media art to the world Trampoline – platform for new media art – is going to Tokyo this summer and is seeking submissions of works which engage with notions of multiple spaces and presence, the ubiquity of new media and the challenge to our sense of place.

We are particularly encouraging the submission of video work some of which will be shown on a showreel, others on single monitors. But we also welcome submissions for web streaming, computer based works and sound works. Work should engage with the theme of the exhibition on some level and proposals should outline how this connection is made.

In addition to this there is one project as part of the exhibition which the curator invites you to consider submitting to:

Audio Tour
In joining one space with another and exaggerating a sense of dislocation, the curator is keen to merge other cities with Tokyo in the form of an audio tour, touring one city within another. It is imagined that this audio tour would be worn by visitors to the exhibition and would instruct them on a small walking tour around the city, but as they are walking through the streets of Tokyo they will be listening to a tour of another city.
The curator is keen to work with artists interested in audio guides and would like to develop a bilingual audio guide of another city which could then be presented in the area surrounding the gallery in Ginza, Tokyo, referencing one space within another.

If you have any ideas which you would like to develop further in relation to this project and in dialogue with Trampoline we would very much like to hear from you.

Deadline to submit proposals is May 31st.
Please submit to:

Emma Lewis
Broadway Cinema
14-18 Broad Street

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